Strawberry "Honey": characteristics of the variety and the secrets of proper cultivation

Strawberry "Honey": characteristics of the variety and the secrets of proper cultivation

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Strawberry "Honey", or "Honey", is very popular and belongs to the varieties of short daylight hours, so fruit buds are laid in the last decade of summer or early fall. The mid-early ripening, non-maintenance, universal purpose variety of garden strawberry Honey was bred in America by crossing the well-known and popular varieties Vibrant and Holliday. The Honei strawberry variety is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation and is recommended for cultivation on personal household plots in the North Caucasus and Central regions.

Grade characteristics

Description of garden strawberry "Honei" from the originator North Caucasian Zonal Research Institute of Horticulture and Viticulture is known to many experienced gardeners in our country. The plant forms powerful, erect and well-leafy bushes. The formation of secondary. The leaves are relatively large, with average wrinkles and ribbing, well pubescent.

Blooming bisexual, expressed in large white flowers that are located on low and powerful peduncles. Inflorescences are semi-spreading type, multi-flowered. The berries have a regular conical shape with a distinct neck. The surface is dark red.

The pulp of a fully ripe red berry, with a fairly dense texture, is juicy. Taste is very good. The taste is sour-sweet, pronounced aroma is absent. As a result of the state variety testing, recorded average productivity above 104-106 kg / ha. The average mass of marketable berries of the first crop is at least 20 g, and the weight of the berries of subsequent harvests is at least 16 g.

The variety is characterized by winter hardiness and is declared to be very resistant to high temperature and drought. The level of resistance to diseases and damage by major plant parasites does not exceed standard indicators.

Strawberry Honey: growing

Seeding Rules

Strawberry Honey got the best properties from the parent pair Vibrant and Holiday. Bred by American breeders back in 1979, the variety took root in our country and was highly appreciated by both ordinary gardeners and farmers who professionally grow strawberries for sale.

It is easy to grow well-bearing strawberry bushes from seeds. Ready-made soil for flower crops, which need to fill seedlings and moisten well, is optimally suitable as a planting one. Seeds half-mixed with ordinary sifted sand are carefully sown on the moist soil mixture. When two or three leaves appear, the seedlings dive very carefully.

Features of planting seedlings

For planting in the open ground, Honey seedlings are used with at least five leaves. When planting, it is very important to correctly determine the distance between plants, which should not be less than 25-30 cm. This variety does not grow very well with increased soil moisture, therefore, in low places seedlings must be planted on ridges 10-30 cm high. In the autumn, furrows are recommended along the rows to improve the outflow of excess water from plants.

When planting prepared seedlings, it is recommended to observe the following basic conditions:

  • the landing area should be fairly even or have a slight slope;
  • the soil in the area under the strawberries should be slightly acidic, sufficiently loose and well fertilized;
  • planting holes should be of such a size that they can easily accommodate the root system of strawberry seedlings;
  • You can not plant garden strawberries on ridges where tomatoes or potatoes grew, and the best predecessors are represented by mustard, sorrel and garlic;
  • landing should be carried out on a cloudy day, and best of all - in rainy weather.

After carefully planting garden strawberries in the ground, it is necessary to water and mulch it with a 5 cm layer of sawdust or a special film. Planting garden strawberries in the autumn is carried out in accordance with similar rules, but for seedlings you should choose a more shady area.

Growing technology

The main care for strawberries of the Honey variety on the plot is reduced to regular weeding of weeds, maintaining the soil in a loose state, feeding and pest control in accordance with the following rules:

  • as an effective irrigation system for growing strawberries, a modern drip method is often used, which saves the gardener time and makes water consumption more rational;
  • not only too scarce, but also abundant watering is destructive for garden strawberries, and as ripening, the number of waterings must be reduced so that the berries do not rot;
  • as a fertilizer for strawberries, it is recommended to use liquid mullein with wood ash at the rate of 10 l of fermented mullein and 100 g of ash diluted with warm water;
  • at the stage of active vegetation, it is advisable to use urea for top dressing, which should be combined with a solution that includes liquid mullein, water, and ammonium sulfate.

Strawberry ridges in the absence of a mulching layer should always be cleared of weeds. It is very important to carry out timely loosening of the topsoil.

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Gardeners reviews

Large-fruited and productive variety of early ripening "Honey" is characterized by an extended fruiting period and high productivity, due to which it has become extremely popular in our country. Reviews and opinions on the Honey variety are mostly very positive. Gardeners praised both the quality of the berry and the main characteristics of this variety. Garden strawberry "Honey" has a very high winter hardiness and cultivates seamlessly in the garden plots of the middle strip of our country.

The picked berry has proved itself not only for fresh consumption, it is perfect for all types of home canning. However, full-fledged taste is revealed exclusively in fully ripened berries.

How to plant strawberries in a non-woven cover material

Many summer residents “Honey” garden strawberries are planted not only on ridges of open ground, but also in hanging flower pots filled with fertile, nutritious soil, which has good permeability to air and water. The variety does not require updated plantings for a long time. Since “Honey” belongs to unpretentious varieties, has good resistance to various adverse factors, it is optimally suited for cultivation in homesteads by beginners and inexperienced gardeners.