The most popular varieties of strawberries

The most popular varieties of strawberries

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There are a variety of varieties of strawberries, which differ in terms of germination, taste and size of berries. Early varieties are very much in demand, which are great for fresh consumption and processing.

The ripening periods distinguish the following varieties of strawberries:

  • early ripening;
  • mid-season;
  • late ripening;
  • remontant.

Each of the varieties is interesting in its own way, which can be seen by looking at various photos of wild strawberries and reading the reviews of experienced gardeners.

Early ripe

Garden strawberry of early ripe varieties is very popular, it has excellent taste, high yield and rapid ripening of fruits. Early ripening varieties include Honey, characterized by early ripening. The berries are distinguished by excellent taste, a classic even form, saturated with a bright shade. Honey is characterized by resistance to leaf diseases, but the root system can sometimes be affected.

Another interesting option is Christine. It is characterized by the presence of large berries with a bright saturated orange-red hue. The taste of the fruit is very delicate, quite sweet, with a slight acidity. Christine is one of the most resistant varieties that can withstand significant changes in temperature and are almost not affected by any disease. For full growth and fruiting, good enough watering and fertilizing with fertilizers.

Strawberry clary just like any other strawberry variety, it has excellent palatability, is characterized by endurance and resistance to disease. It has very interesting unusual elongated fruits of a somewhat elongated conical shape. Clary has a very good winter hardiness, so it is perfect for growing in the northern regions.

Strawberries: variety selection


Mid-season strawberry garden is more resistant to frost and disease, it begins to ripen a little later. The most popular type of mid-season fruit is Marmolada, which is characterized by high productivity, endurance, pleasant taste.

Another interesting option is Epsanta, which is distinguished by large berries of a pleasant sweet and sour taste. Berries perfectly transport even long distances. Plants are resistant to major diseases.

Bred by Dutch breeders, the mid-season Sonata variety perfectly adapts to any conditions. It is not susceptible to spring frost. The fruit has a classic shape with few seeds. The berries are distinguished by great juiciness, excellent rich strawberry aroma and excellent taste.

The most popular option, bred by German breeders, is Zenga Zengana. Its berries are quite large, have a rich shade and dense juicy flesh. The variety is characterized by good resistance to various diseases, berries are excellent for transportation and processing.

Late ripening

Late ripe strawberry garden has a good yield, excellent taste of berries and resistance to frost and disease. There are many options for late ripe strawberries, having studied the description of each species, you can choose the most suitable for you.

Quite an interesting option is Florence, characterized by high productivity. The berries have an unusual conical shape, dense flesh, great taste and smell. The variety is characterized in that the fruit has few seeds, can be stored for a long time, without losing its attractive appearance. Florence is perfect for growing even on problem soils and is resistant to many diseases and pests.

Another interesting variety of wild strawberries is Judibell. It has a high level of productivity, excellent taste. Berries have an even, natural shape, a fairly large size, rich hue and a small amount of seeds.


Due to the fact that there are repairing types of strawberries and wild strawberries, you can enjoy delicious and sweet berries from early spring until frost.

Remontant strawberry garden can decorate not only a summer cottage and a garden, but also a balcony.

A new option for garden strawberries is Evis Delight. It stands out for its improved taste and preservation. Evis Delight is significantly superior to other strawberry varieties. The berries are dense, fleshy with a wonderful taste and aroma. It is characterized by the ability to withstand drought and heat. In addition, it is resistant to pests and diseases.

Elan is a completely new species that was recently developed by Dutch breeders. This strawberry variety is distinguished by:

  • high resistance to diseases;
  • excellent taste;
  • increased yield.

Another additional advantage of Elan is that he can bear fruit until the strongest autumn colds. On each bush of Elan strawberries there are many mustaches and peduncles, abundantly strewn with fairly large and fragrant fruits.

Despite the fact that Elan bears fruit almost all year round, the fruits retain their excellent taste both in the summer warm season and in the season of strong autumn cold.

Another great quality of Elan is frost resistance. If you grow such strawberries in greenhouses, then you can get a crop all year round.

How to care for strawberries

Large-fruited strawberries from the seeds of Sashenka F1 are distinguished by the power of the bush, resistance to diseases and pests. The plant has many delicious and sweet fruits that tolerate transportation well and are suitable for fresh consumption and processing. During the season, the yield reaches 2 kg from one bush. Fruits strawberries right up to the frosts.

After looking at the photos of various varieties and reading the reviews of experienced gardeners, you can choose the best options for yourself, and enjoy delicious healthy berries almost all year.