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What to do if zucchini leaves have white spots

What to do if zucchini leaves have white spots

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Dear gardeners, tell me, please, what is zucchini and how to help the plant? All bushes are ordinary, and one with white spots.


Are there spots on the leaves immediately or later appeared? Desirable photo. And then maybe this variety is such that some bushes with variegated fruits and leaves.

It depends on what spots. If such a plan, then this is a varietal attribute.

and before that it was like that

this is such a variety.

fuuuffff,))) well, excellent =)))

apparently one seed caught a different grade (bought from the granny in the market a few things)

Everything is fine with you. I grow with spots and strokes, they have been bearing fruit for many years. This varietal trait helps zucchini to avoid overheating, which is why it was adopted by breeders, and it looks, in my opinion, pretty. The first leaves are usually without spots, they appear a little later. Be more afraid not of white spots, but of a white coating on the leaves.

and even with a granny, even in the original packaging, it’s all the same, at least one and a different, and even a pumpkin

Thanks for the answer, calmed down. he is the only one I was so surprised - looks healthy, but different from the rest. Oh, thanks! The mood is uplifted.

that's for sure ). This year, three types of different zucchini got out of one bag altogether. Now I have allsorts: white, green and one yellow. And everyone should have been white.