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Can I eat beetroot and what it tastes like

Can I eat beetroot and what it tastes like

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Planted beets, and she was fodder. Can I eat it? And what does it taste like?


If you are very hungry, then you can eat, but as far as I can remember, no one but such a thing occurred to me. Sugar beets can still be consumed.

You can eat it but it’s better to give living creatures in agriculture ...

It is not very tasty, or rather not tasty at all, but of course you can. I ruined a salad like that under a fur coat with such a beetroot.

So I don’t know, planted beets, but it became very large. Or I feed her well, or is it fodder ... Does anyone know how to distinguish beets? (the neighbor gave the seeds, but unfortunately she does not remember what kind of seeds it is). Maybe you can help?)

Very large beetroot up to 1 kg.

Photo to the studio

possible, only cattle and birds !!!

table beet is burgundy, and fodder yellow, reddish, but not burgundy ...

Stern yellow, white inside. Everything grows outside, the size of a huge zucchini can be extinct.

And what do you mean fodder - if the color, then give it back - if the big one has grown, then it depends on the variety and can be tasty and huge

You can eat cows, pigs, goats and other animals.