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What to do with raspberries after pruning

What to do with raspberries after pruning

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I cleaned raspberries, cut out old ones, and dug up the escaping shoots. What to do next? To dig, then to spray from parasites or to spray first, then to dig?


Why dig it up?

The only thing we did was cut out the old one, formed shoots, removed the extra ones. And that’s it.

not dug for a long time. periodically I jerk off to sleep and leave it in place. but her not much. many stems with spotting.

Eduard, we have raspberries since the eighties of the last century, the only thing we do not let it grow and in the spring pulls grass, even from parasites never processed.

lucky. I have abandoned plots on both sides, and my plot is small and I just want a few, and if you don’t process it, you won’t try anything.

It seems there are no options. sprinkle, because the berries are gone. then I’ll dig in order not to stomp later.

and when it freezes, or early in the spring of manure that has decayed, sprinkle it, she will thank you.

There is no manure and will not be, only humus, if something decays. Manure of roads + I have a ravine, washes off in the spring.

we have raspberries in July begins to give berries. Therefore, we carry out all work in the spring. For the winter, of course, we cut the old and shelter, and in the spring when the ground warms up and the twigs rise, we spray with fufanon, loosen, and feed them with dung. Worms certainly come across but very few. With blackberries we do the same thing, but always in each berry a worm, apparently very tasty. And in that year, in the summer, they took to themselves the neighboring abandoned site, so there raspberries on the floor of the site and no one took care of it or covered it, it grows perfectly. Raspberries were piled up, half a summer she was buzzing and also almost without worms.

You can’t dig raspberries unless you want to get rid of it. Raspberry roots pass along the topsoil, when digging you will damage them.

I'm in the aisles, not getting close.

That's right, do not dig! It is better to mulch with a thick layer of rotted sawdust.

the aisles also go between the rows, they stretch

as said above, it is better to mulch, but not sawdust, sawdust acidifies the soil

how to rewrite it?

I dug a lot of runaways, there were too thick thickets. The forest is dense, not a garden.

use last year. Fresh sawdust draws nitrogen from the soil. Therefore, in the spring, feed with urea, chicken. Edward says that manure is in short supply, then mulch from sawdust will do. And you can deoxidize the sawdust with ash.

so I took the sawdust, and I just store it in bags, and next year I can use it?

in the spring, someone shared how to quickly process the sawdust: Lay the film on the ground, make the edges at the edges, sprinkle the sawdust with a difficult layer, spill with a very hot urea solution and close the film with the top too, leave it so, after about a week the sawdust is ready, unfortunately I did not remember how much water and urea per bucket of sawdust.

not a thick layer.