Varieties of garden tools for removing weeds and how to make DIY tools

Varieties of garden tools for removing weeds and how to make DIY tools

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When choosing garden tools for weed removal, there are a number of criteria to be guided by. These tools are manual and automatic. Such products also differ in their principle of operation. To achieve good results in the fight against weeds, it is worth choosing the most convenient device. It is also quite possible to make such a tool yourself.

Types of lifters

Weeding is considered the most popular method for removing weeds. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the right tools for the procedure.

Garden fork

This device is suitable for removing weeds with strong and branched roots. If the tines of this device are bent at an angle of more than 45 degrees, it can be used to loosen the soil. In this case, you can remove grass that is poorly fixed in the ground.

It should be borne in mind that the handle of any device should be comfortable in the hand. This will help prevent pain in the hand.

Root remover

The root remover allows you to get rid of deep-seated plants. There are several options for such cultivators. Some of them resemble a fork, which has 2 flat prongs, others have a triangular blade and look like a corkscrew.

Slotted cleaner

This device is shaped like the letter "G". It is used to get rid of the grass between tiles. They are often used to decorate tracks.

Drops for effective removal

Choppers have several varieties. They are Dutch, tame, or straight. The first category is characterized by a slightly inclined blade that is fixed on a long handle. The device helps to cut through the roots of the grass by processing the upper layers of the soil.

For straight fixtures, the blade is fixed on a medium-length handle. This is done at right angles so that weeds can be cleared away with a chopping motion. Hand hoes are small copies of straight ones. They help to cultivate young cultures. You can collect the removed grass with a rake.

Electric remover

In addition to mechanical appliances, there are electric cultivators. They have a more radical effect on the soil, helping to completely remove weeds.

Requirements for a quality weeding tool

To combat the grass, it is worth choosing the right inventory. For work, it is permissible to use hoes or flat cutters. Also, special pololniks are often used. When choosing a tool, it is worth considering the length of the handle. It should be sufficient so that the gardener does not have to bend over.

The most convenient option will be devices that are easily covered by hand. It is worth considering the thickness of the wood from which the handle is made. It should be comfortable in your hand.

The wooden handle should be sanded so that there are no knots or burrs on the surface. Otherwise, there is a risk of injury and blisters. Handle wood should be soft and light in weight. Beech or oak tools are considered to be very sturdy, but have an impressive mass.

It is important that the working surface of the instrument is at an angle. This will maximize efficiency and require a minimum of effort.

The design of the device should imply a change in the angle of the working part. When buying a tool, you should pick it up and evaluate the length of the handle. It should be comfortable. Equally important is the assessment of the angle of inclination of the working surface. It is desirable that the angle of the tool can be changed.

If you build the tool yourself, you can set the required angle immediately. In this case, the device should be tried on for yourself.

How to make a weed extractor with your own hands

A hand-made tool will be as reliable as possible and will last a long time. It helps to deal with the tops of the grass and its roots.

The product requires a tubular body with cutting fragments, which resembles a groove with sharp edges. On the other hand, a stalk should be placed in the extractor. It is fastened with a screw.

Materials and tools

It is permissible to make the device from a pipe fragment. Its diameter can be 25-42 millimeters. A handle is suitable as a handle.

From the tools it is worth preparing a drill, a file, a square for measurement. You will also need a grinder. It must be equipped with a cutting disc. In addition, you will need a screwdriver, a plane. It is worth taking sandpaper as well.

Self-manufacturing procedure

For the manufacture of devices, it is worth doing the following:

  1. Mark the steel pipe and cut to length.
  2. Fix the tube and make longitudinal cuts with a grinder.
  3. Cut off the end of the gutter. You need to make an angle of 35 degrees.
  4. Remove burrs with a file.
  5. Sharpen the working part from the inside. Walk along the bottom with a semicircular file.
  6. Make a hole for the screw to secure the handle.
  7. Place the handle in the appliance.
  8. Tighten the screw.

Weed extractor step-by-step technology

The tool can be made using a corner. It should be cut by 30-40 centimeters. It is also worth taking a pipe for fixing the cutting.

To make a tip, it is worth retreating 15 centimeters from the extreme part and making a mark. Cut to get a point. Attach a pipe to which the handle will be attached.

Also, another piece of pipe should be welded to the product. This will help form the support. It is then recommended to put your foot on it. After that, it is worth adjusting the handle. All metal fragments must be welded. Finally, place the handle and screw in the screw.

There are many options for killing grass tools. To achieve good results in the fight against unwanted plants, it is worth choosing the right inventory.

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