Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Fighter (Buyan), its yield

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Fighter (Buyan), its yield

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The versatility of any new variety in agriculture must stand the test of time. It is not so easy to earn the love of a gardener, but it was the tomato Fighter who distinguished himself in this field with its unique qualities. A small bush up to 50 cm in size with fruits up to 180 grams and really looks like a universal soldier, ready to endure any trials.

This variety is not afraid of short-term frosts or strong winds, the tomato is calmly stocked with water during the dry period and can grow in low light. Areas with risky farming are not a problem for him, the bush will still fulfill its purpose and bring its owner a good harvest.

General information

Bred in 2012 by specialists from the Siberian Research Institute and can give a stable harvest in extreme conditions for other varieties. The test of time has shown that this tomato variety feels great in the North Caucasus, the territory of the Middle Volga region, takes root in Kazakhstan, other regions and countries.

It tolerates drought well and, with proper care, is practically not susceptible to various diseases. In areas with few sunny days it gives a good harvest.

Features of the variety

Features of this variety:

  • the absence of side shoots, which simplifies the work of the gardener when forming bushes;
  • the ovary is abundant and practically all bears fruit during the life of the plant;
  • inflorescences are formed every two leaves;
  • each bush, with proper care, gives an excellent yield (up to 8 kg of tomatoes);
  • small-sized fruits are yellow and red;
  • have an oblong shape in the form of a medieval helmet;
  • little pulp, the fruit contains up to five seeds.

A fairly high predictability in development only adds to the popularity of this variety. No need to form bushes. The gardeners' comments indicate that it is possible to predict the yield by planning the processing time of the fruits. Many were faced with a shortage of time when processing the crop. Examining the description of the variety, one can judge the high early maturity of the product, which makes it possible to obtain ready-made fruits already at the end of one hundred days after germinating the seeds.

Note to housewives: the variety is excellent for canning. The sturdy shell and small footprint make the Fighter the leader in this field.

Healthy tomatoes do not creep when cooked and are practically free of bacteria that cause cloudiness or explosion in the finished can. They are stored for a long time in the refrigerator and have a pleasant, aesthetic appearance on the table.

What seeds to buy

Packages with seeds can be of different design with an indication of the Buyan variety. Whoever planted these seeds probably saw the word Fighter on the package. This is one of the popular names for the same tomato variety: Buyan yellow or Buyan red - this is the main difference in color that you can pay attention to. In their basic properties, they practically do not differ - all the same versatility, excellent taste and high yield.

Care features

Like any cultivated plant, bushes require careful handling:

  1. Alternation of cycles of watering, drying and plowing the soil.
  2. Timely weeding and feeding will lead the gardener to a record yield result.
  3. We grow tomatoes in non-shaded places - tomatoes are very fond of sunlight.
  4. Top dressing is carried out during the entire life of the plant, but no more than 4-5 times per season.
  5. After planting the seedlings, be sure to water the tops for a few days until they settle into a healthy, bright green color.
  6. We organize the irrigation grooves in advance in such a way that the entire root system of the plant is washed, but the soil is not washed out.
  7. Sprinkler irrigation is not recommended by experienced gardeners, although you can often read in reviews: "I planted seedlings and organized such irrigation on cloudy days or in the evening."
  8. When processing with antibacterial or antiparasitic agents, we take into account the dissolution time of the drug so that the composition does not fall on the table along with the finished tomatoes.
  9. Timely tying of bushes will allow you to grow a rich harvest. The plant will receive more sunlight. In addition, fruits lying on the ground are often subject to various diseases. Various bacteria live in the soil, which will enjoy the harvest with pleasure.

Tip: before planting tomato seedlings Buyan, shake the bush - a weak ovary will crumble, you will get a stably developing plant.

How to fight disease

Despite their high immunity to disease, plants sometimes need help fighting bacteria.

  1. Top rot. May appear on the crown of a green fruit. Tomatoes are treated with a solution of calcium nitrate in appropriate proportions. Usually one, maximum two procedures per season is enough.
  2. Late blight is fought with the help of a Bordeaux mixture based on a solution of lime and copper sulfate. The composition is quite aggressive, with incorrect proportions it can burn the fruits.

Any iron-containing article, such as a nail, can be used to test the composition. When iron reacts with copper sulfate, the former turns bright red. In this case, add a little lime to the solution and, after mixing, repeat the experiment.

Fruit cracking is mistakenly considered by many gardeners to be a disease. The cause of this ailment lies in over-watering or feeding the plant. The active growth of fruits is stimulated, their structural characteristics change, but at the same time tomatoes cannot provide themselves with the necessary elements. It is enough to change the irrigation regime, dry and puff up the soil, and the growth of plants will be normalized.

The danger for tomatoes in this case lies in the violation of the protective shell: bacteria easily penetrate into the cracks. Some of them can harm a person. It is best to remove such cracks before eating.

This tomato variety is a welcome guest in any horticultural business. Due to its unique qualities, the tomato enjoys well-deserved popularity among agricultural lovers.

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