How much and where can you store homemade pickled mushrooms

How much and where can you store homemade pickled mushrooms

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Mushroom canning is an essential attribute of a festive feast, and pickling these forest dwellers is a special pleasure. Mushrooms are difficult for the body to digest, they are contraindicated for children under 7 years old, so they should be consumed in moderation. The main thing is to make sure that the twist is done well, and the question of how long you can store homemade salted and pickled mushrooms depends on the type of lid used and the method of preservation.

General storage guidelines

It is important to store home-made mushrooms in glass jars correctly, since the harvested product has direct contact with the soil, and one should not fully rely on proper sterilization. If the regimes and terms of saving are not observed, it is possible that putrefactive bacteria and botulinum virus, which releases a deadly poison - botulinum toxin, can multiply in a canned product.

Note! When the botulinum virus multiplies, the appearance and taste of conservation does not change in any way.

Shelf life of pickled mushrooms

Consider the shelf life of home-made mushrooms under different modes of keeping containers with products, used lids and preservation methods.

Without refrigerator

Mushrooms canned in glass jars under plastic lids can be stored without a refrigerator for no more than 1 month, under metal and glass lids - no more than 3 months. A place of storage for containers can be mezzanines, pantries or the space under the windowsill.

The air temperature should not be higher than 25 degrees. The optimal temperature range for storing mushrooms without a refrigerator is 15-18 degrees. It is important that the sun's rays do not fall on the product as it breaks down organic matter.

In the fridge

The best conditions for storing canned mushrooms are in the refrigerator or cellar. At the same time, the optimal temperature range for preserving nutrients is 0-4 degrees. The shelf life of blanks in this case depends on the type of lid:

  • conservation under polyethylene lids - 6 months;
  • under metal covers - 1 year;
  • under glass lids - 2 years.

Metal lids on contact with a solution of salt, sugar and vinegar begin to oxidize. If you are not sure that the tin lid will reliably resist oxidative processes, do not store such a jar in the refrigerator for more than 3-4 months.

In the freezer

Since the saline solution of the marinade does not freeze, canned mushrooms can be stored in the freezer of your home refrigerator. In this way, tubular fungal organisms are better stored, in contrast to lamellar organisms, which, after defrosting, can lose their elasticity and become too soft. The shelf life of mushrooms in the freezer is 2 years.

After opening the lid

After opening the cans under iron and other types of lids, can be stored in the refrigerator for no more than one day. To feed a small number of people, choose small cans so that the product can be consumed in 1-2 doses. For harvesting delicious forest dwellers, containers with a volume of 0.7-1.0 liters are best suited.

Shelf life of salted mushrooms

Many housewives pickle mushrooms in cabbage tubs. In a basement, the shelf life of such a delicious workpiece after complete salting is 2-3 months. Salted mushrooms in a jar with the use of a preservative in the form of salt, sugar and grain mustard can be stored in the refrigerator for 1 month.

Why is mushroom delay dangerous?

During long-term storage, especially at temperatures above 20 degrees, in cans with blanks, bacteria and viruses can begin to multiply, causing poisoning of the body - from banal diarrhea and vomiting to convulsions and loss of consciousness. The first signs of poisoning appear in the period from 2 to 12 hours after ingestion of the product. If this happens, you need to immediately call an ambulance.

Other unpleasant consequences of storing mushrooms for too long is the oxidation of metal lids with the development of rust, the growth of mold inside the can. Such preparations should not be eaten.

Where to store pickled mushrooms?

We have analyzed in detail that the best conditions for storing pickled mushrooms are in the refrigerator or cellar, but you can also keep mushroom preparations for the winter in the space under the windowsill or grocery pantry. The main thing is compliance with the temperature regime and the indicated storage periods.

Be careful when harvesting mushrooms at home, do not take unfamiliar or unfamiliar specimens, do not collect them along highways, as these special products adsorb heavy metals from exhaust gases. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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