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Peaches disappear

Peaches disappear

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My grandmother is an avid gardener, but as it happens with everyone, we are faced with a problem. We decided to plant a couple of peaches, but for some reason they decay and we can not understand what is the reason. Not only do poor trees look very sluggish, they also constantly showered leaves in larger quantities. We already fertilized the earth as best we could and sprayed with chemicals, but in vain. Peaches do not cease to fade, even though our friends they grow by leaps and bounds. They asked for advice from them, but they also do not know how to help us.


I can assume that your peach is disturbed by groundwater. In this case, neither top dressing nor chemical preparations will help from the death of the tree. I encountered such a problem when I only acquired hundreds of land. We have a plot of almost 20 hundred, half is given for a garden with fruit trees, half for vegetables. We have 2 wells in the area, the pipes are simply clogged with a motor and pump water. Of course, this is a good help in the household, but there are also disadvantages. Namely, the proximity of groundwater. For fruit trees, this is a deadly neighborhood. Long fought over this problem. Sheets of tin were laid under the seedling so that the roots grew in width, and not inland. Did not help.

It turned out that if groundwater is needed close - pick a stock with a surface location of the root system. For peach and other stone fruits, this is the turn. And peach is very sensitive to cold and grows poorly on moist clay soils. For fruit trees to grow comfortably, groundwater should be at least 2 m from the surface of the soil.