A simple recipe for making blackberry jam for the winter

A simple recipe for making blackberry jam for the winter

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Blackberry jam is a very useful and valuable product. Mostly harvested for the winter, as it is widely used to strengthen immunity and fight colds. The product is tasty and nutritious, and a variety of additional ingredients will make the treat even more intense and unique.

Cooking features

Garden blackberry has excellent taste and excellent beneficial properties.

To make the jam useful, you should adhere to some recommendations:

  1. To keep the berries intact in the jam, you cannot wash them before cooking, and gently stir during the cooking process so as not to damage them.
  2. You can add flavor with orange peel. You can also add a sprig of mint for a refreshing scent.
  3. To preserve its excellent taste and smell, it is advisable to cook the jam little by little in several steps, cooling and heating again.

To make the taste more harmonious and rich, it is mainly necessary to add lemons, oranges, raspberries, apples to the jam.

Making frozen blackberry jam

To make the jam correctly, you need to cook according to the following recipe:

  • frozen blackberries - 0.6 kg;
  • strawberries - 450 g;
  • sugar - 1 kg;
  • lemon juice - 60 ml.

Frozen fruits are laid out in a saucepan, covered with sugar and mixed.

Leave for 3 hours to thaw the berry. Then you need to add strawberries, leave for another 2 hours.

Blackberries will let a lot of juice, 30 percent need to be drained. Squeeze out the lemon juice, add to the ingredients and place everything on the stove. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and cook for another 10 minutes. Cool the product, then repeat the heat treatment procedure. Pour into prepared containers.

Cooking jam in a slow cooker

The treat can also be prepared in a multicooker. You can cook according to the following recipe:

  • blackberries - 1 kg;
  • sugar - 950 g.

The blackberries are washed and placed in the cooking bowl. Filled with sugar and mixed. The container is covered with gauze and infused for 6-7 hours.

Put the multicooker on the “Stew” function and cook the contents for 1 hour. In this case, the lid must be open. At the end, pack the jam into jars.

Blackberry jam with whole berries

You can cook blackberry jam with whole berries from the following products:

  • berries - 1 kg;
  • sugar - 1 kg.

The fruits are sorted out, laid out in a saucepan and covered with sugar. The components are mixed and left in this form for 30 minutes. Then you need to put on low heat, bring to a boil and cook over low heat for another 30 minutes. Roll the finished product into prepared containers.

Seedless Blackberry Jam

To prepare such a healthy, pitted treat, you need to prepare:

  • fruits - 0.9 kg;
  • water - 0.5 l;
  • sugar - 0.9 kg.

The berries are peeled, washed and dried. They are immersed in water heated to approximately 90 ° C for 2-3 minutes. The water is then drained, the berries are ground through a sieve. The grated fruits are placed in a saucepan, covered with sugar and boiled until thickened. To prevent the mass from burning, it is important to constantly stir the jam. Pour over the jars prepared in advance.

Other recipes

Blackberry jam can be made with any berry. It is important to peel the fruits, rinse thoroughly and dry them. The delicacy can be varied with various additives to add a unique taste and aroma.

Jam "Pyatiminutka"

The recipe is simple and suitable for those who do not want to stand at the stove for a long time.

For the "5-minute" you will need the following components:

  • blackberries - 1 kg;
  • granulated sugar - 0.5 kg;
  • citric acid - 2-3 g.

Pour the peeled and washed berries into a colander and leave for a while to drain excess liquid. Put 0.5 kg of blackberries in a saucepan and add 250 g of sugar.

On top, make 2 more layers of the same. The ingredients are left for 5 hours to let the fruit juice.

The saucepan is put on fire and brought to a boil, after which the jam is cooked for another 5 minutes. Add citric acid before removing from heat. Arrange in clean jars; sterilization is not necessary.

Banana recipe

A step-by-step recipe includes the following components:

  • fruits - 1 kg;
  • bananas - 0.9 kg;
  • granulated sugar - 1.1 kg.

The prepared berry is poured into a cooking container with high sides. Filled with sugar, mix gently. The ingredients are left for 5-6 hours to release the juice. Then the contents are placed on the stove, cooked for 30 minutes. The composition must be constantly mixed, to collect the foam.

The bananas are peeled and cut into small slices. Added to the main line-up. Everything is mixed and cooked over low heat for 10 minutes. The finished treat is poured into jars.

Plum and elderberry recipe

You can make unusual and healthy jam from the following ingredients:

  • fruits - 0.4 kg;
  • plums - 0.4 kg;
  • elderberry - 0.2 kg;
  • sugar - 1 kg;
  • lemon juice - 0.5 stack.;
  • cloves - 5 pcs.

Blackberries and elderberries are peeled and washed, put into a cooking container. Sliced ​​pitted plums, lemon juice and cloves are added. The ingredients are poured with water that covered all the ingredients, and brought to a boil over low heat. Boil afterwards on low heat for about an hour.

Then the components are crushed to a mushy state. The resulting puree is tied in cheesecloth and placed in a sieve, under which there is a container for flowing juice. It is left in this position for 8-10 hours. The juice is poured into a cooking pot, sugar is added, everything is stirred and sent to the stove. After boiling, simmer over low heat for 10 minutes, removing the foam. Pour into sterilized jars.

Lemon recipe

To make a delicious treat with lemon, you need to prepare:

  • berries - 1.2 kg;
  • lemon - 1 pc.;
  • sugar - 1.4 kg.

The prepared blackberries are mixed with half the sugar. Insist in a saucepan for 7-8 hours. The juice obtained after is sent to the fire, after boiling, the rest of the sugar is poured. The mass is cooked for another 10 minutes.

The juice is cooled to 55 ° C, blackberries and lemon juice are added. The contents are boiled for 8-10 minutes, poured into prepared containers.

Gooseberry recipe

The jam is prepared according to the following recipe:

  • berries - 0.9 kg;
  • gooseberries - 1 kg;
  • sugar - 2.3 kg;
  • water - 140 ml.

The gooseberries are sorted and washed. It is poured into the cooking container, after which you need to add granulated sugar and leave for 8 hours. Pour in water, put on fire, bring to a boil. Then remove from the stove, cool for 4 hours.

Add washed blackberries to the gooseberries, cook for 10 minutes. Cool again and repeat the process 2 more times. In the final step, you can add a pinch of cinnamon. Pour into jars.

Raspberry recipe

The combination is very tasty and healthy. You need to cook from the following components:

  • berries - 0.5 kg;
  • raspberries - 0.5 kg;
  • granulated sugar - 0.9 kg.

The berries are sorted out and washed. Then they are laid out in different containers and covered with sugar. Mix gently, put in a cool place for 10 hours.

The juice released over the entire period is poured into a common pan.

The container with juice is put on fire and warms up a little, blackberries and raspberries are added. Boil for 6-7 minutes. over low heat, be sure to remove the foam. Remove the jam from heat and leave to cool completely. Then put on fire and boil for another 5 minutes. Pack in jars.

Apple recipe

Jam with the addition of apples turns out to be very tender, with a rich taste. The recipe is for 3 servings (900 ml). You need to do it from the following components:

  • blackberries - 0.4 kg;
  • apple - 0.4 kg;
  • sugar - 240 g;
  • lavender - 1 tbsp. l.

The berries are gently washed and dried. Apples are washed, peeled, cut into 4 pieces and cored. Then they are cut into small slices. Blackberries are mixed with apples, everything is sprinkled with sugar. A saucepan with ingredients is put on high heat. After boiling, cook for another 3 minutes without lowering the heat. Add dry lavender, boil for another 5 minutes. Pour into jars.

Gelatin recipe

Berries with the addition of gelatin are often decorated with cakes, puddings, cheese cakes and other desserts. The jam is thick with whole berries.

Required Ingredients:

  • fruits - 0.3 kg;
  • sugar - 0.2 kg;
  • water - 0.3 kg;
  • gelatin - 25 g.

For the recipe, you mainly need to choose ripe blackberries, a rich black shade. The fruits are washed and placed in a saucepan in 1-2 layers. Sugar is added, everything is gently mixed. The container is sent to the stove, boiled for 20-25 minutes.

1 l. gelatin dissolves in 2 tbsp. l. boiling water, stir until completely dissolved. Remove the pot from the stove, leave for 2-3 minutes until the temperature drops to 80-90 ° C. Gelatin is poured into the jam in a thin stream, mixed. After that, everything is laid out in jars.

Do not pour gelatin into the boiling mass, as it will become lumpy and the gelling process will not occur.

Orange recipe

A tasty and healthy treat is prepared according to the following recipe:

  • fruits - 1 kg;
  • oranges - 0.4 kg;
  • lemon - 150 g;
  • sugar - 1.1 kg.

The orange and lemon are washed. The zest is removed from the orange, the white layer is removed. The peel is cut into thin slices.

Orange juice is squeezed into the cooking container, sprinkled with sugar. Put on fire and stir until sugar dissolves, let cool. Then add the prepared berries to the orange juice, leave for 3 hours.

After the time has elapsed, put on the stove, bring to a boil. Reduce heat and cook for 15 minutes. In 3 min. add orange peel and lemon juice until finished. Remove from heat, leave for 4 hours. Then repeat the heat treatment process. Pack the jam in jars.

How much is stored

The shelf life depends on the recipe for making the jam. A delicacy without cooking or with minimal heat treatment is stored in a cellar or refrigerator. Pre-sterilized berries with sugar can be stored at room temperature.

The product, cooked for the winter, is rolled up with iron lids and stored in a cellar or other cold place. The fruit jam is covered with gauze and parchment paper.

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