Features of the variety of tomatoes Gnome shadow boxing

Features of the variety of tomatoes Gnome shadow boxing

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Tomato variety Gnome shadow boxing has a unique feature, this vegetable crop belongs to the tomato selection of the Gnome series. The fruits are uneven in color. On a red background, there are orange and crimson streaks, in the upper part of the fruit they turn purple. Tomatoes look beautiful on a bush. It is not difficult to grow such tomatoes, even novice gardeners can cope with this procedure.

Characteristics of the variety

In the Dwarf, the fruits have a neat, pepper-like elongated shape. Tomatoes are medium in size, it ranges from seven to nine centimeters. The color is very unusual, it is very different from the color of other tomatoes. Red is not the main color. It shows bright orange, gold and pink stripes. At the very top, the color becomes much darker and goes from purple to black. The side exposed to the sun will be darker in color. On one fruit, you can distinguish up to five or even more shades. The size of the gnomes is not very large, however, their yield is quite solid.

Such tomatoes look very impressive on a bush. Therefore, plants of this variety can also be used for decorative purposes, to decorate the garden area, thus receiving double benefits.

The fruits do not have a lot of juice, their flesh is dense, and the peel of tomatoes is also high density. In the context of the tomatoes are pink in color. Ripe tomatoes are eaten fresh, and they are also ideal for whole-fruit preservation, and you can also make preparations for the winter from them. Multicolored fruits look beautiful both in jars and in fresh slices.

Ripening period

Dwarf shadow boxing is classified as a mid-season variety. The fruits can be harvested 4 months after the first sprouts appear from the seeds. Seedlings are planted both under the film and in open ground. The variety is resistant to weather changes, but in the northern regions it is better to plant tomatoes in a greenhouse. The height of the bushes does not exceed 100 cm, they need to be tied to pegs as they grow. It often happens that the trunks do not withstand the load, they begin to lean to the ground, they may even break.

The bush itself consists of two or three main trunks. The leaves of a dark green color have a wide shape and wrinkled surface, outwardly they are very reminiscent of potato tops. The general appearance of the bush is very neat.

Normally, more than five bushes should not grow on one square meter. To get a good harvest, this condition must be taken into account.

Shadowboxing is one of the varieties of gnome tomatoes. The variety is characterized by a high yield. With proper care, you can get up to 18 kilograms from one square meter. Tomatoes grow in clusters, six of them grow on one bush. The taste of tomatoes is very original: sweetish with a slight sourness. The vegetables have a delicate fruity aroma.

Features of the variety

The Gnome variety shadow boxing has gained great popularity among summer residents and gardeners, not only because of its amazing color. These tomatoes have many other advantages:

  • bushes can become a decoration of the garden, they can be used for decorative purposes;
  • plants are adapted to any natural conditions, they are unpretentious;
  • fruits can be transported, they will not be damaged on the road;
  • up to 3 kg of harvest can be obtained from one bush;
  • are not susceptible to infection with diseases of macrosporiosis and late blight, which tomatoes usually suffer from.

Growing tomatoes does not require a lot of space; they can be grown in small summer cottages.

Tomatoes Gnome shadow boxing are suitable for those who like to show originality in everything. Fruits of an unusual color will decorate a garden or a summer cottage. Plants grow well in all weather conditions and produce excellent yields. All these facts speak in favor of choosing these particular tomatoes.

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