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How to plant blueberries

How to plant blueberries

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Tell me, please, how to plant blueberries? I live in the Tambov region. Is it real at all. Breeders say varieties are zoned, but something takes doubt. Thank you in advance.


In the Tambov region, not only blueberries are grown, but also currants, strawberries, although they are less frost-resistant. I know that you have nurseries with zoned seedlings. Tall blueberries have taken root very well in the Central and Central Black Earth region.

The main criteria for choosing a place for planting blueberries: a sunny place, protected from the wind. The soil is required acidic with a reaction of pH 3.5 - 5.0. If your soil is loamy or clay, blueberries are placed on raised beds (bulk comb). Blueberries grow in moist soil, so watering is required 2 times a day, so that the topsoil up to 20 cm is always moist. But at the same time it is impossible to flood the landings.

Dig a hole up to 40-45 cm deep and 1 m wide (depending on the soil). Prepare a special mixture: mix sphagnum peat, sand (pine sawdust) with garden soil, 1: 1. Part of the mixture is poured into the hole, the seedling is planted so that the root neck is buried by 10 cm in the ground. Pour the remaining mixture, slightly compact. Watering. For planting, it is best to use seedlings of 2-3 years.