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Is it possible to save a pear

In the spring I planted a three-year-old pear (honey) in the ground. For a very long time I didn’t start to grow, then I went, gave a quick increase by 10 cm upwards and suddenly: from the top leaves and on the trunk - blackness, the leaves drooped, as if dried. Below, in the lower half of the trunk - the leaves and the stem itself are normal. It was treated with Bordeaux liquid, soon, it fed, the sick part was cut out, leaving a stump on top of about 5 cm, today I noticed that everything repeats - the side branches with leaves and the stem are about 1 cm blackened already. Tell me what is it? and is it possible to save a pear?


Tamara, unfortunately, there is nothing to please you. Your pear is hit by a bacterial burn. Such trees are very poorly treated, since the disease captures the whole tree through the vessels of juice advancement. It is recommended to destroy diseased trees in order to avoid spreading to other trees. One could try to conduct a long treatment (1 year minimum) of an adult tree, though without a guarantee that it will succeed. In your case, it is easier to destroy the diseased seedling and plant a new one, and in another place.