Recipes for pickling carrots in Korean for the winter at home

Recipes for pickling carrots in Korean for the winter at home

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I propose to close several jars with a spicy snack for the winter - Korean-style pickled carrots. Surely you ate a salad with this name in a cafe or at a friend's place. In fact, this is a very profitable dish, both as far as possible using it with meat, fish, chicken, and for the cheapness of the products used in cooking.

The ease of manufacture is also pleasing. There are many options for carrot salad, probably as many housewives as there are recipes. Let's try some of the most affordable and delicious Korean carrot recipes for the winter.

Korean carrots with coriander and chili

The first recipe for carrots for the winter in Korean was given to me by my best friend. She also taught me how to choose the right carrots for this salad. As she explained to me, the color of the root crop and its juiciness are important. The brighter the color of the vegetables, the better the taste of the workpieces.

All the ingredients required for Korean carrots are shown in the table. Their exact observance guarantees the desired pungency of the snack.

Table of products for making a winter salad at home.

CarrotGarlicVegetable oilVinegar 9%Water
3000 ghead½ cup½ cup½ cup

Spices give vegetables the flavor they need. I use chopped coriander in this preparation, and add chili pepper for spiciness. It is ground too.

Spice consumption table.

SaltSugarCorianderGround chili pepper
30 g150 g15 g1.5 tsp

Let's start cooking with carrots. You will have to tinker with her. First, wash it in warm water, clean it. Before rubbing, rinse in running water and pat dry with a towel.

Let's take a special grater, I bought myself an acceptable price for carrots in Korean and have been using it for the second year. The stripes are long, even, beautiful. I put them in a large enamel basin. In it I mix it before laying.

I like garlic with large cloves. It is easier to clean. To grind it, I have a special miniature grater. I rub it and pour it into a bowl of carrots. I also send all the spices there. I mix thoroughly with my hands. Do not forget to put on disposable gloves on them so that the skin does not turn orange.

I close the basin with cling film and send it to the shelf in the refrigerator. I have it there for at least 12 hours. During this time, the carrots give juice, picking up the aroma of spices.

Part of the salad can be served to the table, to please the household, and most of it can be sent to banks. I pre-wash them in several waters with soda and sterilize them in the microwave for 5-7 minutes.

I must sterilize the salad laid out in jars. After sterilization, it is stored for a long time and does not become soft. I put the cans in a saucepan with water and boil for 10-15 minutes half-liter, liter longer - 25 minutes.

The jars, rolled up with iron lids, I take for storage in the cellar. Feedback from people who have tried the recipe is positive. Housewives, young and aged, cook it and make it a favorite.

Korean spicy carrots with cilantro

I especially love this option for harvesting carrots in Korean for the winter. Probably because I like cilantro, only plucked from the garden and dried. I will tell you how to cook using it. This recipe takes 5 kg of carrots. I have to sweat while I wash, clean, rub. Five kilograms is not enough.

I put the carrots in a basin, sprinkle them with salt. It takes 1 not full tablespoon and sugar - 2 tbsp. l. I interfere, let it stand for a little 15-20 minutes. Sprinkle with pepper. I take a teaspoon of red and black. In this version, I use 70% vinegar essence for canning. When preparing the marinade, add 30 ml 20 minutes after the peppers and mix again.

After the carrots, I peel the onions. I choose 2 large heads, peel them off and cut them into small pieces. You also have to tinker with garlic. I weigh the heads, clean slices need 300 g. I prefer to put on a glove on my hand and rub the garlic on a grater. Without gloves, fingers will pinch.

I put a frying pan on the stove. The onions need to be fried. When the color turns golden, I transfer it with a slotted spoon to a basin with carrots. Pour dry, chopped cilantro into the remaining oil. You need 2 tbsp. It takes 2 minutes for the aroma of the herb to turn into oil.

Pour it into a basin and stir in the salad. Pour the chopped garlic after 20 minutes. The mass must be mixed several times at short intervals. The spices should spread evenly throughout the entire volume. This recipe is without sterilization.

I put the ready-made vegetable mass, which has let the juice - marinade, in sterile jars. You don't need to add anything else to jars with Korean carrots for the winter. We close them hermetically with steamed lids and put them on a shelf in the refrigerator.

If there is no time

Modern women often have no free time at all. We can recommend a simple way to them. With its help, you can prepare carrots for the winter or eat them in a day.

Preservation in this version of the salad takes place with the help of apple cider vinegar. In its marinade, it will take 4 tbsp. In addition, the marinade needs 0.5 liters of water, 4 tablespoons of table salt, 7 sugar and a full 250 g glass of vegetable oil. All that is listed above is sent to a saucepan and brought to a boil.

We prepare 1 kg of bright orange carrots, juicy and not damaged, 1 large head of garlic and 1 vigorous, hot pepper. Peel, wash and rub the carrots on a special grater... Remove the husk from the garlic, peel the cloves and pass through a garlic press.

Pour the garlic mass into the container where the carrots lie, mix it with a spatula. At the same time, we sterilize the jars. We spread the pickled carrots on them and fill them with boiling brine. Canning quickly. We roll up hot cans, put them under a fur coat. If you have no free time at all, I advise you to make this particular salad.

Any of the options described is good in its own way. Autumn is the time to prepare. At the dachas, many have grown up a noble carrot. There is no guarantee that it will last until spring. But salads prepared according to recipes I have tested will stand in jars all year round. At any time, you can open them and feed the family with spicy yummy. Choose any of the recipes and start cooking.

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