Description of the Dragoon cucumber variety, its characteristics and yield

Description of the Dragoon cucumber variety, its characteristics and yield

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A rare site does without this culture. Cucumber Dragoon F1 won the favor of summer residents, because it is resistant to diseases and very productive. It is used in home cooking for any method of preparation and preparation in the winter.

Detailed description of the Dragoon variety

To understand what the plant will be, it is necessary to study the detailed characteristics of the variety. Thanks to this information, the summer resident is guided exactly how to place the bush on the site and how to grow it correctly.

Description of the plant:

  • Parthenocarpic.
  • Medium height.
  • Medium-weighting.
  • Indeterminate.
  • Flowers are predominantly female.
  • Bouquet ovaries.
  • In one node there are 2-3 cucumbers.
  • Ripens in 43-45 days.


  • The shape is cylindrical.
  • Short, 10-12 cm in length.
  • Weight 72-90 g.
  • Diameter 3.5-4 cm.
  • Pubescence is white.
  • The skin is thin.
  • The density is high.

A detailed description of the plant from the manufacturer does not always provide the necessary information. Then the grower turns to sites that are dedicated to the cucumber culture for help. Where he finds the answer to all his questions.

Growing seedlings

It is recommended to plant cucumbers in seedlings, the harvest will begin to ripen much earlier. An important point in this growing method is to try to injure the roots of the plant as little as possible.

Summer residents advise using peat pots, their advantages are that, when replanting a plant to a permanent place, you do not need to remove it. Cucumbers are planted in the prepared holes directly in them, after a while the container begins to decompose, turning into a root fertilizer.

Careful care is needed for seedlings, high-quality plants are the guarantee of a future harvest. Water as needed, without flooding or allowing the plants to dry out. For 2-3 weeks that the seedlings will grow in room conditions, they are fed with growth stimulants or some kind of complex fertilizer. Cucumbers are planted in the ground when the threat of return frosts has completely passed.

Planting seeds in the ground

The area for cucumbers is chosen even, if possible, protected from drafts. Cucumber culture loves the sun, the place for the beds should be well lit most of the day.

This method of planting cucumbers is less traumatic for the plants, but the first harvest will have to wait 2-3 weeks later than the bushes grown from seedlings. Humus and wood ash are added to the holes prepared for sowing. The seeds are deepened by 2-3 cm, then tightened with a film.

After the emergence of cucumber shoots, the covering material is removed so that delicate seedlings do not die in the sun.

Culture care

Any plant loves attention, so do Dragoon cucumbers. They need to be watered, weeded, loosened and fertilized on time.

Watering is carried out in the evening with warm water. It is recommended to organize drip irrigation, then the plant will not suffer from sunburn. They appear as a result of water droplets remaining on the leaves.

Loosening will provide oxygen to the root system and retain moisture in the soil. Organic and complex mineral fertilizers are used as top dressing. Alternating them among themselves.

Removing weeds from plantings will make cucumbers less vulnerable to pest attacks and diseases that they spread.

Growing in a horizontal position will provide oxygen to the plant, the fruits will not rot.

Disease susceptibility

An important criterion for choosing a variety by summer residents is the immunity of cucumbers. The more resistant the variety, the more likely it will become popular among vegetable growers. Dragoon is a hybrid, therefore it is immune to:

  • The cucumber mosaic virus.
  • Olive spot.
  • Powdery mildew.

Against other diseases of cucumbers, treatment with special preparations or folk remedies is necessary.

Treatment with chemical preparations is possible only before flowering; further its use is harmful to the human body.

Advantages of the variety

The presence of a large number of negative qualities in cucumbers will not add popularity to the variety. Therefore, breeders are trying to breed species that have no drawbacks.


  • Productivity.
  • Disease resistance.
  • Unpretentiousness.
  • Limited growth of side shoots.
  • Versatility of use.
  • The ability to harvest fruits at the gherkin stage.

No cons were found in the variety.

Opinions of summer residents regarding the Dragoon hybrid

The gardener trusts his associates more than the characteristics of the manufacturer. Reading the reviews, the vegetable grower draws conclusions whether the variety is suitable for growing on the site or not.

Olga: “A hybrid of Dragoon cucumbers fell into my hands by accident, I decided to take a chance and try to plant it. I didn’t regret it, I was pleased with the yield. They are unpretentious in leaving, they do not require much attention. They are excellent when preserved. "

It is not difficult to grow a Dragoon cucumber on the site, it is enough just to fulfill the agrotechnical requirements for care.

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