The best and most productive varieties of cucumbers for growing in the open field

The best and most productive varieties of cucumbers for growing in the open field

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From a huge variety, gardeners can easily choose the best varieties of cucumbers for open ground. When choosing the most productive varieties of cucumbers for open ground, it is necessary to rely on a number of important features. After all, cucumbers generally love warmth, and not every variety will bear fruit in an open space.

Important Seed Criteria for Open Field Planting

For outdoor cultivation, a number of features of the cucumber family are important. These features help them to survive not in greenhouse conditions, and give good fruiting results. It is difficult to choose which variety to plant in an open space if you do not have experience in vegetable growing and do not know anything about the known types of cucumbers. To choose seeds, you can consult with experienced gardeners, which of them are distinguished by high yields and endurance.

Usually, cucumber seeds for open ground are first germinated in special containers at home. Cucumbers love warmth, and they need greenhouse conditions to hatch. And then, when the seedlings get stronger, and the soil warms up more or less, they are planted in open soil under a film. The soil should be warmed up to 19 degrees, manure, peat and humus help to make the soil warmer.

The best seeds are those that easily adapt to changeable weather, bear fruit despite unfavorable conditions, are not afraid of cold nights, are resistant to diseases and pests. Science does not stand still. Breeders have already developed many varieties and hybrids that meet these requirements.

You also need to pay attention to the purpose for which the cucumbers are planted, and in what month they want to get the harvest. They can only be planted for conservation, or for use in salads and slices. Cucumbers can be early, mid or late.

What are the best cucumber seeds for outdoor use?

To determine which cucumbers are ideal for open ground, you need to plant several types in the garden at once. The next time when choosing, there will already be knowledge which ones bear fruit best without the presence of a greenhouse. Each summer resident chooses the best variety of cucumbers for himself. These are mainly cold-resistant varieties of cucumbers.

Among the universal species are cucumbers Christina, Farmer, Dachny, Konny, Nezhinsky, Muromsky, Rodnichok, Zasolochny, Regina F1, Zhuravlenok F1, Hector F1.

Difference of a variety from a hybrid

To understand which of the cucumbers is better for planting in open ground, you need to figure out which is more suitable, a variety or a hybrid.

A cultivar is a specially bred type of plant that has a c that is capable of multiplying. A hybrid plant is obtained by crossing several types of crops. Hybrids are created artificially to improve the qualities of the plant. It is easier for humans to grow hybrids in modern conditions. They are better stored, get sick less, have improved taste, high-yielding, and are cold-resistant.

Therefore, it is better to plant hybrids in open ground. You can also use varieties, but only those that tolerate well outside the greenhouse and are able to withstand various environmental influences. For example, the most cold-resistant vegetable is Muromsky 36. The name of the hardy and fruitful hybrid Generalsky F1. There are other names as well. Before planting, you need to decide whether early crops are needed or late, self-pollinated or bee-pollinated, large, small. These criteria determine which seeds should be purchased.

Early varieties

The peculiarity of early ripening cucumber hybrids for open ground is that they mainly self-pollinate, bring a high yield in the middle of summer, are resistant to cold weather, and to various diseases.

One of the famous varieties that ripens early is Muromsky. It is fruitful. It is planted in May, and after about a month and a half, the first vegetables appear.

The most popular early variety, April F1, can also be noted. He is one of the first to produce crops in the country, pleases everyone with green crispy cucumbers. Its advantages are unpretentiousness in care, the fact that they are not afraid of the cold, and do not taste bitter.

Cucumber Christina f1 early fruiting is known for its resistance to any weather conditions, fungal diseases, and drought. The fruits are not bitter, bright green in color, up to 10 centimeters long, small in weight.

Cucumber Monisia f1 ripens early, is immune to viral mosaic, and rarely contains powdery mildew. The fruits are tasty, with pimples, suitable for salting.

The f1 enthusiasm belongs to small gherkins, the bushes are small, they can even be grown in pots on the balconies.

Strong f1 is another early variety with high yields. It tolerates cold and aridity normally. The size of the fruit is medium, weight up to 90 grams, sweet, crunchy. Thanks to their large harvest, they can be salted and pickled. They are without bitterness, and have beautiful tubercles on the skin.

Mid-season and late hybrids

In addition to early hybrids, summer residents also plant late and mid-season varieties. After all, they have long periods of fruiting, are suitable for conservation and pickling, have a high yield, do not be afraid of the autumn cold. In order for the bush to be productive before the autumn cold, the hardening procedure begins with the germination of seedlings. The plant gradually adapts and becomes cold resistant.

Late varieties are photophilous, which is why they are recommended to be grown in well-lit spaces, in open areas. Bushes should be planted from each other at a distance, open the film in good weather. To improve the quality of the harvest, the bushes should be fertilized and ensure that the daylight hours are 11-12 hours.

The best varieties for open ground from late-ripening cucumbers are Garland, Courage, Drop, Farmer, Nerosimy 40 and others.

Mid-ripening ones are good because they ripen faster than the late ones. They are also distinguished by a rich harvest and strong immunity to diseases. Of these, the most famous variety is Vyaznikovsky 37. Bushes are undersized, fruits are small up to 9 centimeters. They have tubercles. They are very tasty for fresh food and for salting.

Gardeners' opinions

It is interesting to know the reviews of summer residents about which varieties of cucumbers are best suited for growing without greenhouses. Usually, people choose seeds in three main categories: So that the bushes are fruitful, give a high yield, so that they are less sick, and they are unpretentious in care.

Anna: I have a dacha in the suburbs, and, of course, I plant cucumbers. It happens that two greenhouses are overflowing with other crops, so you have to plant seedlings in open ground. I select the best varieties, taking into account their resistance to weather conditions. Not everyone is able to withstand them. Most of all I like the cucumber April F1. This is an early ripe hybrid, strong, hardy, gives a good harvest, does not taste bitter at all, and does not get sick with anything.

Marina: Delicious varieties that I usually plant without a greenhouse - Muromsky and Moscow evenings. High-yielding - Connie. He is not capricious in leaving. The most important thing is to provide the plants with food, proper watering and cover them with foil on time. Then you can enjoy a delicious crispy cucumber fresh or canned. The main thing is not to be afraid to try to grow cucumbers without greenhouses. Now there are so many different varieties that are adapted to this.

The best seeds for the new year

All avid summer residents want to know which varieties of cucumbers are the most productive for open ground for 2018. First of all, you need to consider popular varieties that have good reviews from year to year.

The most productive variety is Connie. These vegetables have a very strong immunity, they bear fruit for a long time, give a bountiful harvest.

The ardor f1 is known for being self-pollinated, high-yielding, tolerates cold normally, and practically does not get sick. These cucumbers can be picked with small gherkins and salted in jars.

Very tasty salad crops that are suitable for growing outside greenhouses are Masha, Zozulya, German F1, April, Kaskad. They have all the characteristics for growing outside greenhouses. If you provide them with all the conditions for normal growth, they will bear fruit in an open area.

One of the strong varieties that is able to resist spotting, fungal infections, powdery mildew is Balagan. Due to their small size, they can be salted in jars. This early ripe hybrid is also suitable for salads.

It is important to remember that positive reviews and the right reputation are needed to select varieties of cucumbers for open field. Outdoor cucumbers must be resistant to greenhouse-free conditions. You can consult with sellers in stores, or better read reviews on the Internet.

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