Instructions for use and composition of Rogor, dosage of insecticide and analogues

Instructions for use and composition of Rogor, dosage of insecticide and analogues

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Leaf-eating and sucking insects harm many types of crops. To combat them, it is convenient to use insecticides with almost universal action. Let's consider the purpose and action of "Rogor", the composition and form of release, the rate of application and the consumption of the solution. How to work with the drug for safety reasons, what it can be combined with, how to replace it and how to store it correctly.

Formulation and active ingredient of the product

Rogor is produced by Agro Expert Group LLC as a concentrated emulsion in 10 liter canisters. Intestinal and contact insecticide contains 1 active substance - dimethoate in an amount of 400 g per 1 liter.

How Rogor works and what is it for?

Dimethoate is distributed over the treated plants, protects the growing parts of the crop from damage by pests. In their body, the substance inhibits cholinesterase, inhibits respiration and heart function. Due to the contact effect of the insecticide, those pests that get the solution die, sucking insects die after feeding on the juice of the sprayed plants.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

"Rogor" acts quickly, the effect lasts at least 2 weeks, it can destroy insects, including those living secretly and some ticks.

Remains active over a wide temperature range. Does not cause resistance. Destroys insects that are resistant to pyrethroids and neonicotinoids. The death of pests occurs within 1-6 hours after spraying.

Consumption rate and application of the product

"Rogor" is used on cereals and legumes, fruits, beets, mustard, rapeseed, vegetables, potatoes, alfalfa, flax, hemp, kenaf, currants and raspberries, lupine.

According to the instructions for use, the rate for different crops looks like this (in liters per hectare):

  • wheat - 1-1.5;
  • barley, rye, oats - 1;
  • legumes, alfalfa and vegetables for seeds - 0.5-1;
  • apple, pear - 0.8-2;
  • apple tree from the flower beetle - 1.5;
  • beets and fiber flax - 0.5-0.9;
  • mustard, rapeseed - 0.6;
  • aphid potatoes - 2-2.25;
  • moth potatoes - 1.5-2;
  • hemp - 1.2-2;
  • kenaf - 1.5;
  • currants - 1.2-1.6;
  • raspberries - 0.6-1.2;
  • lupine - 0.8.

The multiplicity of processing is 1 or 2, the waiting period is 20 or 30 days, for fruit - 40 days. Consumption for crops is different: for mustard and rapeseed - 100-200 liters per hectare, for fruit crops - 1000-1500 liters per hectare, against the flower beetle - 800-1000 liters per hectare, for currants and raspberries - 600-1200 liters per hectare, for all other crops - 200-400 liters per hectare.

Safety precautions when working with the drug

In terms of toxicity, Rogor belongs to drugs with class 3 for humans and 1 for bees. Gardens cannot be treated during flowering, the poisonous effect on bees lasts 2 weeks after spraying. It is toxic to fish, so it should not be used near water bodies and fish farms.

Work with the product in protective clothing, wear gloves, goggles and a respirator. Do not remove them until completion of work. After that, you need to wash your hands and face with soap. Wash off the solution from the skin if it gets on the body, rinse the eyes with plenty of water if splashes get into them. You can start working on the sprayed areas 10 days after treatment (for all crops).

What is it compatible with?

Do not mix Rogor and sulfonylurea herbicides in one container. Can be combined with fungicides and insecticides, fertilizers, except those containing sulfur and having an alkaline reaction.

Terms and conditions of storage

"Rogor" can be stored for 2 years at a temperature of 0-30 ˚С, in a dark, dry warehouse for pesticides and fertilizers. Store the liquid only in original canisters with closed lids. Do not put food, medicinal substances, household products nearby. The solution can only be stored for 1 day.


By dimethoate analogs of Rogor can be called drugs: "Alpha-Director", "Bi-58", "Danadim", "Dimethoat-400", "Dishans", "Binom", "Kinfos", "Binadin", "Dimetus "," Terradim "," Dimefos "," Eurodim "," Tibor "," Bishka "," Sirocco "," Di-68 "," Tod "," Landing "," Fostran "," Dimet "," Tagore "," Ditox "," Rangoli-Duncan "and" Dimetron ". All of them are used in the fields and gardens in agriculture.

Rogor is an insecticide that has a wide spectrum of action. Destroys insects and ticks on vegetables, fruits, cereals, legumes, industrial, berry crops. It has low application rates, so it is beneficial to use it over large areas. The death of pests after treatment occurs within 6 hours, the effect lasts at least 2 weeks. The number of treatments is 1 or 2, which also indicates the effectiveness and power of the drug.

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