Description and characteristics of grapes varieties in Memory of the teacher, history and pros and cons

Description and characteristics of grapes varieties in Memory of the teacher, history and pros and cons

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Beautiful juicy bunches of grapes with excellent taste, and even grown by their own hands, are a matter of special pride for people engaged in gardening and viticulture. For a stable good harvest, you should carefully choose the material for planting, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages. The description of the grape variety in the Memory of the teacher makes it possible to get to know him better, making a choice among the many seedlings.

Variety history

The Teacher's Memory Grape is a new hybrid variety undergoing testing today. It has already gained a huge number of rave reviews, thanks to its high yield, taste and excellent, long-lasting, presentation of the grape bunch.

E.G. Pavlovsky, an amateur breeder, was lucky to breed more than 50 grape varieties. In memory of the teacher, it is a hybrid of the Cardinal and Talisman varieties; it combines the best qualities of the ancestors. In memory of the teacher, he is able to resist mildew and odium, attracts winegrowers with frost resistance and amazing early maturity. Testing is carried out in the regions of the Black Sea region, but experienced winegrowers predict high popularity for it.


Distinctive features of the variety are the rapid growth of the vine and the ability to withstand frosts down to -23 ° C. Strong vigorous shoots, developed rhizome, strong branches capable of supporting the weight of large brushes. It is characterized by large leaves of a rich dark green color with clear veins of a lighter shade and reddish petioles. Grapes are a real decoration of the garden.

The description of the variety given by gardeners who have already tested it in garden plots emphasizes the decorative effect of the bushes. The amicable and early maturation of the brushes adds to the attractiveness of the Teacher's Memory variety. The first harvest ripens in the last decade of July, but the clusters remaining on the branches are distinguished by a higher sugar content.


In memory of the teacher, it belongs to the very early table varieties with high yields and the ability to withstand transportation without losing their presentation.

Juicy berries are not characterized by wateriness, and the dense skin is able to preserve the presentation of the grapes for a long time. The bunches are fragrant, with delicate nutmeg notes. The grapes do not need additional pollination; the plant contains male and female flowers. Suitable for industrial cultivation.

Pros and cons of the variety

The variety is new, and is still being tested, but the undoubted advantages include:

  • rapid growth of vines;
  • high productivity;
  • excellent presentation of grapes;
  • frost resistance of the variety.

There are few cons, but still there are:

  • the variety is sensitive to early frosts;
  • he needs fertile soil;
  • it is necessary to adjust the number of brushes so that the yield does not decrease in the next season.

At the same time, gardeners note the unpretentiousness of the variety. In areas with a mild climate, it is already highly popular - both on small private plots and for planting on an industrial scale.

Description of bushes

Bushes with powerful shoots of brown or reddish color, grow quickly, easily support the weight of large brushes. The vines are capable of ripening for the entire length of the growth, this is a distinctive feature of the variety.


Symmetrical conical clusters of medium density. The weight of a ripe bunch is 1-2 kilograms, with a brush length of 40-60 centimeters. This variety is characterized by amicable ripening. Bunches can remain on the branches for a long time, retaining their presentation and gaining sugar content.


Each berry weighs 10-15 grams, oval, with shades from pink to dark purple, depending on the rootstock. Sweet and juicy, in the absence of excessive wateriness, the dense skin retains an attractive appearance of grapes, the berry contains 2-3 seeds.

Planting grapes

To get high yields of grapes and delight home-made delicious berries and excellent wine, you should be careful when planting a vineyard.

Seat selection

The grapes are planted in sunny, wind-protected, elevated areas. Tall trees should not block it from the sun. The location of the vineyard in the lowlands leads to decay of roots and the spread of diseases.

Pit preparation

A pit for planting grapes is prepared in the fall. A drainage layer is necessarily poured at the bottom, and then fertile soil with humus or compost. To increase yields, wood ash is added to the soil.

Important: it is better to plant the bushes in the spring, so that the seedlings get stronger and winter well until autumn

Pit size: depth - 70-90 centimeters, diameter - 50-60 centimeters, distance between plantings in a row - at least 1.5 meters, distance between rows - up to 3 meters.

Landing dates

Planting dates are individual for each region, bushes should be planted when the air temperature rises to +15 ° C.


In the prepared hole, a mound is poured, the roots of the bush are carefully straightened along this mound and covered with soil. After that, the seedling is watered, lightly tamping the soil around to eliminate air pockets.

Care features

The seedlings are watered first once every 7-10 days. After a month, watering is done monthly, from August it is stopped. For fertilization, mineral complexes with potassium and nitrogen are used.

Important: excess nitrogen makes plants vulnerable to mildew

If necessary, the plant is sprayed to protect against pests and diseases. During the period of filling the brushes, fertilization and processing are not performed, the grapes are not watered.

Diseases and pests

The variety is resistant to mildew and oidium, but the plant suffers from phylloxera. To protect the planting, they are sprayed with Fastak, Kinmiks. Too infested bushes are destroyed. To protect the vines from birds, a strong net is pulled from above. The felt mite is destroyed with a solution of copper sulfate. Despite the fact that the variety was recently bred, gardeners liked it, and the grapes in Memory of the Teacher are already gaining popularity. Excellent compotes and wine are made from it, it is good fresh, which means it will surely find admirers.

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