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What soil is required for growing heather in the garden

What soil is required for growing heather in the garden

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I want to try planting heather on the garden plot as a hedge. Rummaged through the network, a lot of information, but very controversial. Actually, the main question is the soil. Despite the unpretentiousness of heather, his love for acidic soils is everywhere noted. On my site, the soil may not be suitable, and I would not want to waste time in vain. If anyone has experience, share it, I will be glad to hear practical recommendations.


Heather is unpretentious - it’s true, but that doesn’t mean at all that this plant prefers extremely poor and acidic soils :-) In our cottage, heather blooms in full bloom just on enriched soil. Before planting, in each hole where the bush will bloom, I add a little bit of everything: coniferous land, peat, sand, compost. All this is pre-mixed with ordinary soil. Rich flowering will be guaranteed!