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How to deal with worms in onions

How to deal with worms in onions

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Friends good evening! Now I came to the garden and found that someone was eating my onion from the inside. Such yellow worms. Is that the onion fly? or someone else? But the bow is so big already. How to fight? How to spray?


Ammonia in the recommended dose.

I take a glass of ammonia on a bucket and under the root. A glass of 2 roots.

I spill 3 tbsp. L. On 10 liters of water, pour on top of a watering can.

You need to save. Now do a cool solution. I agree to 3-4 tbsp. Spoons and a bucket of water.

I think this is a secretive hunter.

It's hard to fight!

I poured ammonium chloride on my onion, 50 g per bucket from an anger, and 200 g of salt per bucket. Did not help! As they sat in onions and garlic, they sit, they just began to pupate. Maybe the tar would help, but late, the landings were almost dead.

Friends, I’ve watered ammonia a long time ago when she was gone. And the carrots around are hit, it seems nothing helped.

I wake up with ash. I have never used ammonia other than washing windows. For the first 60 years I hear

And you can sprinkle salt, otherwise there is no way to shed, it rains?

Eugene, if she, the larva, is already in the bulb - it is useless. Only ruin the earth with salt. You just need to start fighting the fly prophylactically, even before it flies, it coincides with the flowering of cherries. How I will be alive, next year, on the advice of Julia I will water tar.