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Features of the grape variety "Phenomenon"

Features of the grape variety "Phenomenon"

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Grapes "Phenomenon" is better known as "Augustine." Other names for this hybrid form of grape are "V25 / 20" and "Pleven steady".

Grade description

The name "Pleven Sustainable" is obtained due to the use of the variety "Pleven" as one of the parent forms, which was largely improved by Bulgarian breeders. The second parent plant, when receiving the Phenomenon variety, designated the famous Vilar Blanc grape, due to which a high level of resistance of the new hybrid form was obtained.

Grape varieties "Phenomenon" refers to the category of eateries and is rarely used for technical purposes. Variety from the selection of NIIIViV of Plevna. The hybrid form is widely zoned, which allows the cultivation of grapes of this variety in many regions. The growing season lasts an average of 117 days. Bisexual flowers.

Grape bushes grow with sufficient care above average growth and belong to the category of early ripening. The clusters are formed quite large, with an average weight of 450 g. The form of fully formed grape brushes is cylindrical, with moderate density.

The berries are smooth, oblong, amber-yellow in color, quite large in size, about 3 × 2 cm, weighing 5 to 7 g, with a strong but eaten skin. The flesh of the ripened berry is fleshy and juicy. Taste good. The tasting score is very high. There is a pleasant, refreshing and harmonious taste. A good level of sugar accumulation does not decrease even in conditions of heavy and frequent rainfall. The maximum acidity of the wort is 7 g / l, and the percentage of sugars at the level of 21%.

No wetting. Full maturation occurs in the last decade of August. Harvest for a long time can be stored on the vine bushes.

Grapes "Phenomenon": cultivation

Advantages and disadvantages

A significant part of the variety’s advantages is due to the qualitative characteristics of the parental pair used in breeding work:

  • the hybrid form is very productive;
  • shoots are characterized by high-quality maturation;
  • rooting at a high level;
  • sufficiently high frost resistance of -25 ° C;
  • excellent marketability of ripe grape brushes;
  • complex resistance to damage by major fungal diseases;
  • the variety is characterized by high transportability.

Among the most noticeable shortcomings in the cultivation should include:

  • cracking berries with a long rainy period;
  • bursting berries are not only affected by rot, but also become attractive to wasps;
  • untimely picked and overripe berries crumble on their own;
  • damage by a bunch of leaves;
  • the berries of this hybrid form have several fairly large seeds.
  • when transported for too long, some of the berries spontaneously crumbles with a bunch of grapes.

Landing rules

To grow the Phenomen grapes in a home vineyard, you can use:

  • planting varietal root or grafted seedlings;
  • cuttings grafted onto stocks with a significant stock of perennial wood;
  • obtaining a new vine through retraction.

Landing should be carried out in accordance with the method used. The place should have maximum sunlight and be protected from through wind.

Basic landing requirements:

  • the distance between the grape bushes in the row should be at least 1.5 m, and in the row-spacing - at least 3 m;
  • the depth and width of the previously prepared landing pit should be about 0.8 m;
  • the soil mixture with which it is planned to fill the planting pit should be not only fertile, but also light;
  • The main criteria for a quality seedling are a well-developed and healthy root system, as well as the presence of shoots that have no damage.

Significant growth power of this variety involves the use of tying to the support, which will allow to direct the planted vine upright.

Care Features

In order to achieve the proper development of the vine and obtain stable crops, It is necessary to apply the following agricultural techniques:

  • periodic irrigation, the frequency and volume of which depend on weather conditions;
  • mulching the soil around the vineyards to preserve soil moisture;
  • top dressing with compost or humus supplemented with phosphate-potassium fertilizers;
  • annual pruning with shortening of shoots by 6-12 eyes, which depends on the type of formation of the vine bushes;
  • preference should be given to multi-sleeve fan-shaped grapes of this variety.

Despite the stated stability, it is recommended to carry out timely preventive spraying. The optimal time for protective measures is represented by the flowering phase.

The load on each grape bush can vary from 35 to 40 eyes. It is advisable to ration the green shoots and grape brushes. Weak shoots must be removed.

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Gardeners reviews

Based on the feedback of many gardeners growing a hybrid "Phenomenon" form, it can be concluded that medium pruning of the vine should be performed for fruiting. However, a high level of fruiting of the eyes at the shoot base allows the use of short pruning. Overloaded vine ripens a little later.

Basically, reviews about the Phenomenon variety are positive and characterize this grape as a really very good and marketable variety with pollination acceptable under any weather conditions. The vine always ripens before the mass ripening of berries. This variety is practically not sick and compares favorably with strong growth. The ripening time of the hybrid form is slightly affected by the load of the grape bush.

How to water grapes properly

The features of this variety are the harmony of taste, the ripening of berries together, the absence of a tendency to fouling stepchildren, as well as resistance to mildew and oidium damage. The well-deservedly popular and very productive grape "Phenomenon" has proven itself even in conditions of a not very favorable climate. The plant is hardy, and the average yield indicators in the implementation of competent care are about 17 t / ha or more.