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Something is happening with ficus

Something is happening with ficus

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I have many indoor plants, I recently noticed that white spots with yellowish spots appeared on the ficus, and they are only on new leaves, everything is in order with the old ones. I don’t know what to cut off a couple of sheets, but each subsequent one all early blossoms already spoiled. And I wonder if this is contagious? Will this disease spread to other flowers?


Svetlana, it’s very unfortunate that you didn’t put the photo, it was so much easier to determine what was really with your plant. I suppose that in this way the ficus signals to you that he does not like the sun's rays that fall on him after spraying. Shade the plant or rearrange it in another place, but not in the dark corner of the room. Ficus photophilous plants and from a lack of light can get sick.