Why do geese eat feathers and pinch each other and what to do

Why do geese eat feathers and pinch each other and what to do

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The desire to pinch something is a natural goose need. However, bird breeders are concerned about why geese hiss, pinch each other and eat feathers. Various factors cause similar problems: improperly selected diet, vitamin deficiency or overcrowding of poultry. It is recommended to observe pets in order to determine the cause of their irritability and outline ways to eliminate it.

The reasons for this behavior and methods of correction

Breeders identify four main reasons why birds pinch each other. Different methods are used to remedy the situation.

Gosling instinct

A young bird constantly feels the need to pinch something. Moreover, the goslings do not always nibble the grass - they can grab a person by the hand or eat each other's fluff. To prevent the likelihood of injury, it is recommended that the birds are constantly released for grazing. The goslings will nibble plenty of green grass and satisfy not only hunger, but also the "pinching" instinct.

Although there are individual individuals or breeds of birds showing aggression towards humans and each other. A radical method of suppressing warlike attitudes in goslings is to insert a feather into their nose. Moreover, the feathers are passed through both nostrils. If the goslings peck each other by the feathers on their backs for no good reason, breeders suggest smearing the back area with birch tar on the bird. The peculiar smell and bitter taste will discourage the desire to pinch.

Avitaminosis and lack of calcium in goslings

The aggressive behavior of goslings, the desire to peck at a neighbor can be triggered by vitamin deficiency or a lack of calcium in the bird's body. It is during the period of formation and development that the gosling's body needs calcium, vitamins and protein.

Therefore, with a deficiency of trace elements, the goslings nibble each other.

Due to the revision of the diet, the regular introduction of vitamin supplements into the feed, the problem can be eliminated. The daily diet is replenished with vitamin and mineral complexes. The food is mixed with cottage cheese, boiled eggs. An excellent solution to the problem in the summer is bird grazing. Picking up greens, goslings naturally replenish the lack of trace elements and vitamins. Bone meal and fish oil are also a source of protein.

Small territory of content

Often crowding, lack of space provoke outbursts of aggression. In this state, the bird begins to hiss, can peck not only a person, but also a neighbor. When setting up a poultry house, you need to follow the recommendations.

The area norm based on the number of heads - on a plot of one square meter, no more than 10 monthly goslings can be kept. As soon as individuals grow up to 2 months, they are transferred to a more spacious room (the norm is 4 individuals per square meter).

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

It is believed that red helps to reduce bird aggression. Therefore, you can make red lighting in the house.

If the reason is not established

Sometimes it happens that birds nibble each other for no good reason. As a rule, responsible poultry houses carefully compose the diet, equip spacious rooms for keeping geese. But even the creation of ideal conditions for growing poultry does not exclude the occurrence of a problem. Veterinarians advise hanging cabbage leaves, armfuls of greenery, or even just bright rags in the house to distract the goslings.

Also, the genetic characteristics of individual breeds of geese cannot be ruled out. It is believed that individuals of the Legard breed rarely hiss and pinch, and are most adapted for living next to humans.

Sometimes the bird hisses due to untimely feeding and the manifestation of a heightened sense of hunger. Therefore, it is recommended to feed the geese at a specific time. Sometimes aggression is provoked by the appearance on the territory of an extraneous small bird, dogs. Geese are strong birds that actively defend their territory.

Do geese pinch painfully?

The bird's beak is not sharp, so it may seem harmless. However, this is a misleading impression. Of course, a goose cannot pierce a person's skin with its beak, but it can pinch strongly.

If strong and large individuals attack a person, then painful sensations are provided, and bruises and bruises may remain on the body.

Sometimes in a flock of birds, one or several individuals differ in aggressive behavior. In this case, it is recommended to isolate them in a separate enclosure. A goose incubating eggs can also react violently to the appearance of strangers.

Problem prevention

It is not always possible to allocate a spacious meadow or plot for grazing birds. In this case, in order to avoid being attacked by geese, it is advisable to adhere to certain rules of behavior:

  • you cannot tease birds. It is necessary to ensure that the children do not irritate the geese and do not provoke outbreaks of aggressive avian behavior;
  • it is not recommended to climb into goose nests unnecessarily;
  • to fend off impudent individuals, poultry houses often use twigs or vines. And after a while, even the sight of a vine will pacify the belligerent geese;
  • so that strong chicks do not offend the weak, it is recommended to separate the goslings and keep them in separate enclosures;
  • sometimes aggressive behavior provokes disease. When infected with viral enteritis, some individuals begin to pluck the fluff from themselves or their relatives. To prevent illness, goslings are given special vaccinations. You need to seek help from a veterinarian who will select the drug.

If the family has small children, an excellent way to prevent geese attacks is to set up enclosures or high fences around the grazing area.

Don't underestimate aggressive geese. Because birds are pinched rather painfully. The appearance of a goose running with its wings spread can be very frightening for young children. Therefore, the choice of the breed of geese and the arrangement of their places of detention must be treated responsibly.

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