DIY autumn maple leaf topiary

When walking in the park or in the forest, do you notice how much material there is for various crafts under your feet? Bright green, variegated, golden leaves - all of them are suitable for making topiary, which will be a wonderful gift and decor for any room. How to make a "tree of happiness"? Turn to the master classes, and everything will become clear and simple.

DIY making topiary from autumn leaves

To make maple leaf topiary, you will need:

  • napkins;
  • Newspapers
  • glue;
  • stick of wood;
  • stand;
  • twine;
  • fresh maple foliage;
  • pot;
  • gypsum;
  • floristic grass;
  • decorative tape.

How to make a base for a crown

For the basics, make a ball of newspapers, wrapping each layer of newspaper as follows. Then wrap the resulting ball with thread. Tear the napkins into many parts, apply glue to the base and glue it in pieces of napkins in several layers. So your ball will get the final neat shape. Leave it to dry.

How to make a trunk

Lubricate the stick with glue, decorate with twine, leave to dry.

Assembly of decorative wood

Make a cross-shaped incision in the ball. Apply glue to the top of the barrel and place the part in the base, slightly pressing the two parts of the product. The edges of the incision must be treated with a heat gun.

How to decorate a tree

Let's move on to decorating our tree. Take a nail and make a small hole in the base ball. Hot glue should be dripped into it - and a leaf can be inserted into the resulting hole. Continue to glue the leaves on the base. You can also attach berries to it or any other decoration.

Making stands for trees

To stand under the topiary, you can use various containers. A pot is best. Pour gypsum into it. When it begins to harden, place the topiary in the center of the pot and fix it.

Next, start decorating the stand. Take the floristic grass and lay it on dried plaster. For density, fix the material with a thermal gun with an interval of 3-5 cm. Take the tape and tie it with a bow, attach it to the stand. In addition, you can decorate the stand with foliage.

How to Make Topiary School Tree

Tree of dried leaves

Dry leaves - the material is much more fragile than fresh, so you need to work with them very carefully. But if you make every effort, you will get a beautiful tree. In the detailed lesson presented, you will learn information about how to make topiary from dry leaves correctly.

You will need:

  • 25-30 cm long wire (two pieces of thin wire and one thicker);
  • corrugated paper in three colors;
  • pot or carafe, gypsum, potassium permanganate;
  • scotch tape, thread, newspaper, colored paper;
  • dry flowers and foliage, which should be prepared in advance;
  • thermal gun, beads, decorative paper.

Barrel making

Each wire is wrapped in corrugated paper. To hold the paper firmly, a little glue is applied to the end of the wire. Fasten all three wires together with adhesive tape, and then wrap thin wires around the one that is thicker.

How to make a stand

To obtain a beautiful topiary from maple leaves, it is recommended to use not a pot, but a small decanter. He will add grace to the finished product. In the role of filler, gypsum mixed for brightness with potassium permanganate can be used. The gypsum mixture is poured into the container until it is still frozen. Then, a barrel of wire is inserted inside the carafe.

Creating the foundation and crown

Form a ball of multi-colored paper and newspapers. To get the desired shape, wrap the base with tape and thread. Now let's do the crown. We will use roses and other dried flowers, as well as leaves. It is preferable to perform topiary from autumn maple leaves.

Consider the process of making the crown and the base step by step.

  • Glue dry flowers and leaves to the base with a heat gun.
  • Make small paper balls. Glue them over the base and fix on it a square made of decorative paper, in the place where the barrel will be inserted into the ball.
  • Make a small hole in the crown and apply glue inside it. Place the base on the trunk and lightly press on it.
  • Decorate the crown of the topiary with miniature beads, make a pattern of roses on the decanter.

That's all, the autumn tree is ready!

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Useful Tips

To dry leaves prepared for crafts, do not break, it is necessary to process them in a solution of glycerol at the rate of 200 ml of substance per 400 ml of pure water. Next, you need to put the leaves in dense bags and fill with this composition, and seal the bags. Leaves are left in bags for 3 days. Then they are removed, dried on a paper towel - and you can begin to make topiary.

Leaves can be dried in large magazines or reference books. Just lay out the leaflets among the pages, and put the load on top of the directory.

Another method is drying with an iron. But this method is suitable for preparing only small leaves. Put them on thick cardboard, cover with paper, iron with a slightly heated iron to evaporate all moisture.

You can also dry the leaves in the oven. For this, a temperature of 50-60 degrees is set. It is necessary to constantly monitor the condition of the leaves: it is important that they do not lose their shape during the drying process.

In order to dry the leaves without losing their shape, they can be placed in dry, calcined sand and left for a month. In the same way bulk flowers are dried - roses, lilies and dahlias. At the same time, they should be put in the box with the stem down. But asters and chamomiles are placed in a container with sand with the stem up.

Drying leaves naturally involves hanging them on a rope in a well-ventilated area. In this case, the leaves are collected in bunches and hang up stems.

Topiary Green roses from maple leaves

In addition to leaves, the main material for the topiary can be cones, nuts, corrugated paper, shells. But if you decide to create an autumn topiary, there is no better material than bright and beautiful maple leaves in shape.