The use of the drug "Prestige" for processing potatoes

The use of the drug "Prestige" for processing potatoes

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To protect potatoes from defeat by the main pests and diseases, it is necessary to process planting material with modern and effective insect-fungicidal preparations. The Prestige product from the manufacturer Bayer Crop-Science is positioned as an insect-fungicide disinfectant to protect potatoes from gnawing and sucking pests, including soil-cultivators, as well as against pathogens of some potato diseases.

Description and principle of action of the drug

Potatoes throughout the growing season need preventive and protective measures. The action of the treater "Prestige" is aimed at combating the following factors affecting potato planting:

  • Colorado beetle;
  • a bear;
  • different types of wireworm;
  • beetle larvae;
  • aphid;
  • cicadas;
  • moths and fleas.

The active substances of the concentrated suspension are imidacloprid (140 g / l) and pencicuron (150 g / l).

The name of the active substanceChemical classMechanism of actionActivity spectrum
ImidaclopridNeonicotinoidBlocking the transmission of nerve impulses at the receptor level of the postsynaptic membrane.Diptera (Homoptera), beetles (Coleoptera), thrips (Thysanoptera), Lepidoptera (Lepidoptera)
PencicuronContact pesticideInhibition of germination of the mycelium, inhibition of biosynthetic processes with the participation of sterol and free fatty acids inside fungi, a decrease in the content of glucose transport forms.Rhizoctonia and scab

The tool is characterized by high rates of selective activity in relation to the processed material. The effectiveness of insecticidal protection is observed within one and a half to two months from the moment of emergence of mass shoots. Fungicidal effects are observed throughout the entire period of active vegetation. In addition, the drug is characterized by the speed of initial activity, which reaches a peak a few hours after the processing activities. The tool can be used to process not only potatoes, but also the root systems of other vegetable crops. Besides, "Prestige" has pronounced anti-stress properties.

Prestige: Potato Processing

About the dangers of the remedy

Many gardeners fear that the potato becomes harmful after processing with the Prestige, and doubt that it can be safely eaten. Instructions for use include the drug in the third class of toxicity, therefore, according to the classifier of toxic drugs of the Ministry of Health, "Prestige" is recognized as moderately dangerous.

Pentcicuron and imidacloprid are chemical etchants. However, penicicuron on the surface of the soil and in water undergoes photodegradation. A study of the dynamics of the residual amount of imidacloprid in plants showed that the substance through the vascular system penetrates mainly into the leaves and practically does not enter the fruits.

At the Medvedev Research Institute of Ecological Hygiene, specialists repeatedly conducted research on vegetable crops and potatoes to detect drug residues in them. As a result, it was possible to prove that a month and a half after the treatment, no harmful or toxic compounds were found in vegetables and potatoes.

Instructions for use

Potato tubers intended for planting must be subjected to heating, gardening and germination. Seed should be poured onto the film on the day of planting. A working solution for processing potatoes is prepared at the rate of 10 ml of the drug per 100 ml of water. This amount is enough to disinfect 10 kg of seed tubers.

After thorough and uniform spraying, it is necessary to wait for the tuber surface to dry, and then plant. When using "Prestige" in private households as a preventive and protective measure, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the instructions supplied by the manufacturer, and with a large number of wireworm landings, the consumption rate of the drug should be maximum. If "Prestige" is used in tank mixtures with other protective agents, microelements or growth regulators, it is necessary to make sure of their chemical compatibility and the expediency of simultaneous use.

Remember safety

Despite the declared low toxicity of the drug "Prestige" and minimal harm to health, in the process of preparing the working solution and when processing plants, it is necessary to observe the generally accepted precautions:

  • carry out work in overalls, glasses and rubber gloves; then take a shower and change into clean clothes;
  • in case of contact of a toxic substance with eyes, rinse immediately with clean running water;
  • if the drug enters the body, wash the stomach, take adsorbents (activated charcoal or polysorb) and contact a medical institution.

Analogs of "Prestige"

Currently, there are a huge number of purchased and folk remedies that protect crops from diseases and pests. They vary in degree of effectiveness and duration of action.

Purchased funds

A good substitute for Prestige can be Mospilan, Confidor, Actellik and Aktara.

Drug nameManufacturerPrescription of the drug (used to control which pests)Method of useCompatibility with other drugs
MospilanNippon Soda Co., Ltd (Japan)Bedbugs, Colorado potato beetle, aphids, greenhouse whiteflies, scale insectsThe contents of one package (2.5 g) is enough for processing 8-10 acres E1Compatible with most insecticides and pesticides.
ConfidorBayer cropscienceAphids, scale insects, thrips, mealybug, Colorado potato beetleWorking solution of the drug: 2 g per 10 l of waterCompatible with most pesticides, growth regulators
ActellikSyngenta Crop Protection AG (Switzerland)A complex of leaf-eating and sucking pestsSpraying with working solution according to the attached instructionsCompatible in tank mixtures with almost all insecticides and fungicides
"Aktara"Syngenta Crop Protection AG (Switzerland)Most pestsSpraying with working solution according to the attached instructionsCompatible with most insecticides and pesticides.

The greatest effectiveness is shown by drugs and preparations that have similar active substances: imidacloprid and pencicuron in different concentrations.

Drug nameActive componentsPrescription of the drug (used to control which pests)Consumption rateCompatibility with other drugs
BatorImidacloprid 140 g / l + pencicuron 150 g / lDiptera, beetles, thrips, Lepidoptera, rhizoctoniosis, common scab0.7-1 l / haRequires compatibility check with other tools
Tanger140 g / l imidacloprid + pencicuron 150 g / lWireworm, Colorado potato beetle,
aphid virus carrier,
rhizoctonia, scab
70-100 ml per 1 liter of water E2Compatible with most pesticides, growth regulators
"Rector"imidacloprid, 140 g / l; pencicuron 150 g / lColorado potato beetle, aphids, potato moths, wireworm and pseudowater larvae, Maybug larvae, gnawing scoops, bear, rhizoctoniosis, common scab, wet rotSpraying with working solution according to the attached instructions. E3Compatible with growth regulators, biologically active components, fertilizers

Folk methods

Wanting to get environmentally friendly products, gardeners and summer residents resort to folk remedies for processing potatoes in the first place.

To combat the Colorado potato beetle, it is recommended to plant garlic, cilantro, matthiola, calendula, red beets and beans next to potatoes. Dusting seed tubers with birch ash is quite effective, as well as adding onion husks to the planting holes.

Reviews of summer residents

Funds from the well-known Bayer company have long been in demand among gardeners, gardeners and gardeners. Judging by the reviews, the main advantages of using the Prestige drug are getting clean potatoes without bugs and rhizoctoniosis throughout the summer, as well as pronounced stimulated plant growth.

However, the drug, according to consumers, is not without drawbacks, which include the high cost of the product, as well as a large number of fakes at points of sale of chemical protective equipment.

How to grow potatoes

In general, the Prestige etching agent, manufactured by a German manufacturer, has worked well. Its strong insecticidal and fungicidal effect allows to reduce the total number of plant treatments and reduce the negative effects of chemistry on vegetable products.