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As if so weed beds from weeds, so as not to bother much

As if so weed beds from weeds, so as not to bother much

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And I am constantly tormented by the question of how to weed the garden, or rather keep it clean, without weeds, but so as not to bother. And then almost all summer, then weeds are watered, then you mow the lawn 🙂 The lawn is still fine, with mowers it is now easy. But does anyone have any interesting ideas on how to quickly and accurately weed beds from weeds? Maybe someone knows what secrets? Let's share 🙂


In order to prevent weeds from growing between rows, mulching must be done from a plastic film, it is better if it is black. Other types of mulching will retain moisture near the plant, but weeds will grow. Another method, which is easier to weed the garden, is to sharpen the chopper well, and after weeding it will also sharpen a little each time. Weeding should be done not with moist soil, but with dried soil, so it will be much easier.