Pear "Memory of Anzin": obtaining a highly productive plant

Pear "Memory of Anzin": obtaining a highly productive plant

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Pear "Memory of Anzin" is one of the best and most popular varieties that are quite common in garden plots and household plots in our country. The late-summer variety was bred by specialists of the Timiryazev Moscow Agricultural Academy.

Varietal characteristic

Pear variety "Memory of Anzin" - a medium-sized trees with a medium thickened crown, medium-sized fruits. The standard mass of marketable fruit can vary from 165 to 175 g. The form is attractive, pear-shaped. The skin is relatively thin, medium in density, glossy. The main color is greenish yellow. The integumentary color is weakly expressed, it is dull, reddish.

The flesh is light yellow or whitish yellow, very juicy, melting and oily. Characteristic is average grit. Taste is excellent. The taste of fragrant flesh is sweet and sour. Fruits are used not only in fresh form, but are also great for conservation.

Landing requirements

The Pamyat Anzin pear is best planted in the spring, around the second half of April, until the mass awakening of the kidneys. Planting time largely depends on the cultivation region. In the southern regions of our country, a pear can be planted already in the last decade of March. In more northern regions, fruit seedlings are planted in early May.

The standard size of the landing pit can be 65 × 65 or 80 × 80 cm, and the depth depends on the type of soil and varies from 70 cm to 1.2 meters. Three buckets of humus and two buckets of sand should be laid in the bottom of the landing pit with the addition of one glass superphosphate.

It’s very important to use healthy material for planting, corresponding to certain quality standards. First of all, it is necessary to examine the place of vaccination on the seedling, which should be clearly visible. The absence of such a plot may indicate the sale not of a seedling of a fruit tree, but of a seedling. The root system and the aerial part should not have any damage or growths.

The number of roots in a well-developed and high-quality seedling can be different, but there must be a pronounced main root and a sufficient number of additional roots, the length of which can be 30-40 cm.The preference should be given to zoned varieties that can be planted in spring or autumn.

Pears: variety selection

Care Features

Proper care of the “Anzin's Memory” pear includes the timely implementation of a specific set of measures:

  • Fertilizing fruit trees with nitrogen fertilizers is carried out in the spring, before the plant blooms. Such an event is performed using superphosphate, potassium and humus, which must be applied to the soil once every three years. On nutrient-rich and fertile lands, fertilizing too often is not advisable, and fertilizer is required annually on depleted, sandy soils.
  • Water-charging irrigation is carried out immediately before flowering, as well as at the beginning of the autumn period, at the rate of five buckets of water per highly productive adult plant.
  • After each irrigation and rains, it is recommended to carry out intensive loosening of the soil, which allows to increase the air permeability of the soil.
  • To reduce the amount of watering and to maintain the humidity necessary for plants, mulching of the soil with peat, wood sawdust or dry grass should be carried out.

  • Of regular importance is the regular removal of weeds and the maintenance of the soil around the fruit stands in the most loose state.
  • Positive results are obtained by foliar top dressing at the flowering stage using a solution of 2% sulfate or 3% superphosphate.
  • Every three years, anti-aging pruning of the crown of fruiting trees should be carried out. During pruning, three-year-old shoots are to be removed, and two-year-old branches are shortened
  • Timely implementation of preventive spraying of the crown will minimize the risk of plant damage by the most common diseases, as well as insect pests that parasitize on the pear.

Reviews and recommendations of summer residents

The description of the “Memory of Anzin” pear is of particular interest to gardeners who have personal plots in central Russia. This is a very good late summer variety with excellent frost resistance, high yield. The pear is very tasty and is resistant to scab and gall mites. However, the duration of storage of the harvested crop at a temperature of 0 ° C does not exceed one and a half months.

Despite the fact that reviews about the variety are most often positive, one should very carefully approach the issues of choosing planting material. Varietal plants are favorably distinguished by low flaking of fruits, as well as early maturity and regular fruiting.

How to prune a pear

With the right cultivation technology and favorable weather conditions, the average yield of one tree can reach 40 kg. Winter hardiness of fruit trees of this variety is above average, so plants do not need significant preparation for the winter period. It is advisable to protect young plantings from being affected by early and severe frosts in snowless winters by mulching trunks in horse humus.