Cultivation of Chinese Juniper Streak

Cultivation of Chinese Juniper Streak

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Chinese juniper "Stricta", or "Stricta", from the Latin juniperus chinensis stricta - a species of plants belonging to the genus Juniper from the Cypress family. Stricta was bred by Dutch breeders back in 1945, after which it was widely used not only in the homeland, but also in many countries, including Russia.

Botanical characteristic

Chinese juniper of this variety is a shrub up to 2-3 m high. Crohn up to 1.5 m in diameter. The plant grows relatively slowly, and annual growth is 20 cm. The average life of the plant with proper care does not exceed 100 years.

Cone shapeDense, vertically growingBluish-green, acicular, prickly, gray-blue in winterSmall, rounded, purple-brown, numerous

The description of juniper of this species suggests widespread in landscaping.

Landing rules

Chinese juniper "Streakta" should be placed in fairly sunny and warm areas, but plants can be planted under conditions of slight shading. The standard distance between plants when planting depends on their size, so it can vary between 0.5-2 m.

Preliminary preparation of the landing pit is a guarantee of obtaining a long-lasting and beautiful plant. The dimensions of the landing pit should be approximately two or three times the volume of the earthen coma. The average depth of the landing pit can not be less than 60-70 cm. In the process of planting, the immersion of the plant should be controlled, the root neck of the juniper should not be deepened.

For the cultivation of this culture should be used soil with a slightly acidic or neutral reaction. High-quality planting soil should be represented by peat, sand and turf soil in a ratio of 2: 1: 1. Immediately after planting, you need to water abundantly. This watering regimen must be observed for ten days after planting.

Juniper "Stricta": variety description

Care Features

Growing Chinese juniper "Streak" is not difficult. The main condition for proper care is compliance with the regime of irrigation measures. In the dry season, plants are particularly sensitive to lack of moisture. Juniper is difficult to tolerate too dry air, which requires regular events such as sprinkling.

Plant nutrition is carried out annually. Fertilize should be in the spring. The optimal deadline for making them is the end of April or May. Recently planted and young plants are demanding for surface cultivation, which provide air access to the root system.

For the winter period, regardless of the age of the plants, trunk trunks are required to sprinkle with peat. The average thickness of the mulch should be approximately 8-10 cm. In preparation for winter, young plants are covered with spruce spruce branches.

The cultivation of columnar cultivars requires special attention. Such plants need special preparation for the winter. In the autumn period, it is necessary to press the branches to the stem of the plant with a ribbon or rope.

Landscape use

A Chinese juniper called "Stricta" has a very spectacular appearance that gives the plant a columnar or narrow-headed crown. The conical shape of such a plant is attractive, and the juniper itself is characterized by excellent winter hardiness. When growing, you should take into account the fact that even young plants do not tolerate frequent transplants, therefore, the issue of choosing a place should be taken very carefully.

Due to its high decorativeness, plants of this species are widely used in conditions of decorative gardening, as well as in modern landscape design.

Very impressive juniperus chinensis stricta looks like an adornment of large spaces and landscape gardening areas. In household plots, juniper of this species can be grown as a single plant. In recent years, the popularity of Juniper "Streak" as a central plant in landscape design has grown. It goes well with plants such as barberry or cotoneaster.

Equally popular is the stricta variegate, or Juniperus chinensis Stricta Variegata, in urban landscaping. Planting such a juniper is increasingly decorating recreation areas, city parks and squares.

Gardeners reviews

Easy and affordable even for beginner gardeners, taking care of Stricta juniper made this plant very popular in our country. Positive reviews are based, in particular, both on the external attractiveness and undemanding of the plant to cultivation conditions.

Especially often in private plots you can find stanza chinensis, the height of which does not exceed 50-60 cm. Such a plant goes well with plants in rocky, heather gardens, as well as rock gardens.

Juniper: planting and care

It was noted that for full growth and normal development, junipers need to provide only a sunny and well-ventilated place, as well as light, peaty, sufficiently moist soil.